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Converting Flash to HTML5: What Are Your Options? [Video]

Why convert Flash to HTML5? Well, the year 2020 spells doom for Flash-based eLearning, with the result that if you need your existing courses to remain accessible to learners, it’s essential to convert them to HTML5.

While some of you might have already set the wheels in motion by opting to convert Flash to HTML5, some of you might have questions on getting started with the conversion process. For those of you who are yet to begin with Flash to HTML5 conversion, begin by identifying Flash courses that are an imperative part of your online training programs.

Before you begin the transition from Flash to HTML5, here are a couple of questions you need answers to:

  • Are courses developed in Flash or older versions of authoring tools?
  • Is there a need to update course content?
  • Is an inventory of existing Flash courses ready?

The next question you need an answer to would be on the available conversion options. Watch this video to know more about the Flash to HTML5 conversion options you can choose from.


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