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7 Good to Know Facts About Cloud-based Authoring Tools [Infographic]

In the process of crafting eLearning courses, work is often siloed, with multiple designers working independently on various aspects of a course. This could lead to inconsistencies in design, and user experience, and make collaboration and updates difficult. Additionally, the process could be time-consuming and require specialized technical skills, adding to the challenges.

However, the rise of cloud-based authoring tools is transforming this scenario. These tools act like central hubs, accessible by anyone on your team with an internet connection. This allows for real-time and optimal collaboration.

What are Cloud-based Authoring Tools?

Cloud-based authoring tools are software applications designed for creating, managing, and distributing digital learning content. Unlike traditional authoring tools that require installation on local computers, these tools are hosted on external servers and accessed via the internet.

Benefits of Cloud-based eLearning Authoring Tools

1. Effective Collaboration

Cloud-based authoring tools provide the necessary infrastructure and features to ensure consistent workflows, effective collaboration, and enhanced productivity. They provide a central workspace allowing team members to work on projects simultaneously. This fosters real-time communication and ensures everyone is on the same page.

2. Secure Online Storage Space

Cloud-based tools offer secure online storage with automatic backups, safeguarding vital data. This eliminates the need for manual backups and gives you peace of mind knowing your work is protected.

3. Easy Access from Anywhere

Imagine being able to access your work from anywhere in the world! Cloud-based authoring tools make this a reality. With just an internet connection, you can review drafts, make edits, or collaborate with teammates, all on the go. This flexibility empowers remote work and fosters a more dynamic work environment.

4. Simplified Setup and Maintenance

Say goodbye to cumbersome software installations on every device. Cloud-based tools eliminate this hassle. There's no need for individual installations, ensuring everyone has access to the latest version of the software. This simplifies setup, reduces maintenance overhead, and keeps your team working seamlessly.

5. Controlled Permissions

Cloud-based authoring tools ensure that only authorized individuals have access to specific content. This is crucial for maintaining confidentiality and information security, especially when working with sensitive data or projects.

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7 Good to Know Facts About Cloud-based Authoring Tools

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Examples of Cloud-based Authoring Tools

1. Adobe Captivate

2. Articulate 360

3. Lectora Inspire

4. DomiKnow

The Next Step!

Cloud-based authoring tools are an excellent investment. They streamline the process, foster collaboration, and offer significant cost and time savings. As we continue to move towards a more digital and connected world, the importance and relevance of these tools will only increase. Remember, the cloud is the limit!

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