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3 Powerful Rapid Authoring Tools Released in 2016

E-learning development technologies are constantly evolving. Every year, several new authoring tools are released into the market, and 2016 was no exception. Many developers of rapid authoring software have released new products and upgraded their existing tools to meet the changing needs of the technology-enabled learning marketplace, during the course of the year. Today, we will look at three powerful e-learning authoring applications released in 2016 and examine how they help develop online courses better.

1. ISpring Suite 8.5

This powerful rapid authoring tool hit the markets in November 2016. ISpring Suite 8.5 comes with a wide array of features that makes it a very useful tool to develop online courses. The e-learning development software is a PowerPoint add-in, and anyone familiar with the Microsoft application can use iSpring Suite 8.5 with ease.

The tool comes with superior video synchronization capabilities and enables the effective access of e-learning content offline. But, the most striking ability of iSpring Suite 8.5 is its capability to develop dialog simulations. This feature of the rapid authoring tool makes it the ideal choice to develop e-learning courses for enhancing communication skills. These abilities make the rapid authoring tool one of the best PowerPoint-based e-learning development software released in 2016.

2. Articulate 360

360 is the brand new product of Articulate Inc., the developers of the popular rapid authoring tool, Articulate Storyline. This cloud-based e-learning development software, released in November 2016, is a bundle of six applications viz. Preso, Peek, Storyline, Studio, Rise, and Replay. The new online course development software has a PowerPoint-like interface, making it simple to use.  Some of the major features of this rapid authoring software include the:

  • Ability to develop responsive online courses
  • Capability to create screencasts and software simulations seamlessly
  • Facility to develop training videos using iPads
  • Option to make e-learning content Sec. 508 and WCAG compliant

The rapid authoring powerhouse also comes with the following resources:

  • A large library of 100,000+characters in different poses and styles that makes it easy to develop scenario-based e-learning courses.
  • A huge collection of templates which can be customized in a hassle-free manner

Indeed, Articulate 360 is one of the most powerful rapid authoring tools of 2016, if not the most powerful.

3. Lectora Inspire 17

This rapid authoring tool was released by Trivantis in December 2016. Lectora Inspire 17 comes with best-in-class HTML5 publishing capabilities and facilitates the effective delivery of multilingual online training.

The e-learning development software enables the online course developer to:

  • Develop responsive technology-enabled learning materials
  • Harness the full potential of Scaled Vector Graphics (SVGs) to create good learning experiences, across devices
  • Convert text-heavy classroom content, such as compliance training materials, into engaging online courses
  • Create branching scenarios

Lectora Inspire 17 comes with two in-built applications viz. SnagItand Camtasia. SnagIt can be used to develop high quality screen captures, while Camtasia enables e-learning developers to edit videos on PCs and Macs.

The features of Lectora Inspire 17 make it one of the top rapid authoring tools released in 2016.

These three powerful rapid authoring tools, released in the later part of 2016, will empower e-learning developers to unleash the power of technology-enabled learning in the new year. Find out more about the developments that will shape the L&D world in 2017.

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