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Rapid E-learning for Meeting Your Dynamic Training Needs Effectively

How can you develop e-learning courses to meet your ever-changing training needs? What does it take to create highly effective online courses, in quick time, with minimum expenditure? Well, you need to adopt the rapid e-learning development methodology.

Rapid e-learning, unlike the traditional online course development methodology, eliminates the need for elaborate storyboarding, numerous rounds of reviews and intricate programming to integrate the content. Here is a comparison of the steps involved in the rapid and traditional e-learning development methodologies.

Rapid E-learning Development Traditional E-learning Development
Step 1: Identifying the existing content Step 1: Content analysis
Step 2: Content briefing
Step 3: Storyboarding
Step 4: Designing the GUI and navigation
Step 5: Designing interactions
Step 2: Identifying existing media Step 6: Creating media
Step 3: Development of courses using rapid authoring tools Step 7: Development of courses using traditional authoring tools
Step 4: Adding assessments Step 8: Adding assessments
Step 9: Review
Step 5: Deploy Step 10: Deploy

A major element of rapid e-learning development is the use of rapid authoring tools such as Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, Lectora Inspire etc. These e-learning development software can be used even by those who do not possess advanced programming skills. They enable learning professionals who have little knowledge of coding to actively take part in the development of online courses.

So, are you planning to adopt rapid e-learning? Then, check out the e-learning kit Rapidly Design and Develop E-learning Courses. The kit:

  • Provides valuable insights into the various aspects of rapid e-learning
  • Lists the best practices of rapid e-learning development
  • Enables you to choose the right rapid authoring tool

It contains:

  • A 28 page eBook Best Practices of E-learning Design and Development
  • A 30 minute webinar Choosing The Right Authoring Tools for E-learning Development
  • A 5 minute presentation Rapid Authoring Tools for E-learning 



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