Looking Forward to Training Employees Virtually? 5 Blogs You Must Check Out!

Are you looking to migrate from traditional classroom training to virtual classroom training, but don’t know where to start? If you are looking for a hassle-free migration to virtual classrooms, then this blog is for you!

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Virtual Instructor-led Training: How to Add Muscle to Your Training

The holiday season is finally here! And as much as you feel like looking back over 2020 with a sigh of relief, L&D is always keeping an eye out for the next big thing, for the next big year. So what should you be doing? Agree or not, you should follow suit and implement virtual classroom training for your employee training to stay ahead of the curve. But before you get ready, either for the cold season, or to finalize your training plans for 2021, we advise you to have a relook at the basics. If you really want to strengthen and future-proof your training against any possible calamities, virtual is the way to go, and this blog is for you!

Master the art of designing and delivering high-impact virtual training within 60 minutes!

Here are 5 Blogs for Productive Virtual Instructor-led Training

1. Pick the Right Virtual Training Platform — To Enable ‘Training from Home’

The COVID-19 pandemic led to a lot of changes and surprises for the corporate world this year. With ‘work from home’ now considered normal, ‘training from home’ has not been far behind and is quickly gaining popularity. This brings some good news for Training Managers as they no longer need to justify experimenting with virtual training. In fact, it seems more risky now to stick to the traditional way of training in the physical classroom.

However, the problem now is to look at the dozens of virtual classroom platforms in the market and pick the one that suits your organization’s needs. That can be quite a task, and so here in this blog is a list of popular virtual classroom training platforms to help you pick the right match for your organization.

2. Deflate Virtual Classroom Myths Once and for All

You know there is something wrong when a whole lot of organizations are moving in one direction and another lot moving in the opposite direction. The cause of concern here is misinformation or ‘myth-information’. Corporate organizations around the world are migrating their classroom instructor-led training or ILT to online methods and incorporating virtual training platforms in the process. But while all this is happening, there are plenty of myths around the effectiveness of VILT, which calls for action.

Are virtual classrooms really boring? Are they disorganized? Are they too fast-paced? Bust the myths before they bust your chances. This blog helps you see through the blinding mist by debunking 5 common myths surrounding virtual classrooms.

3. Implement VILT Successfully – With this Tried & Tested Recipe

Admit it! You never in your wildest dreams expected ‘work from home’ to become a reality worldwide, and when ‘training from home’ soon followed, so did the demand for virtual classroom training. In fact, VILT is only getting more popular as Training Industry reports, and will continue to justify itself as the ‘new normal’.

But while all of this sounds normal now, you are probably wondering what really goes into the implementation of virtual classroom training. If you are, read this blog for four ideas on implementing virtual classroom training successfully.

4. Engage and Motivate Learners in Virtual Classrooms

Now that you got a heads-up on how to implement VILT successfully, it is time to know how to engage your learners in the virtual classroom as the success of any training program depends on its engagement quotient.

The more you keep your learners engaged, the better they will learn and the better they will perform. And that’s how you will achieve your business goals. If you want to know what we mean when we talk about learner engagement in virtual classrooms, we recommend reading this blog to satisfy your curiosity.

5. Solve the Top 3 Challenges of Implementing Virtual Training

Classroom training has been the norm and form of training from ages past. And for long, we never had other options. But not anymore. With virtual training platforms finally seeing the light of day as more and more organizations are opting for them, it is now becoming the new normal. But with every new change, come new challenges.

From teaching difficult topics that might be hard to grasp without the help of a face-to- face instructor, to communicating with a distributed workforce across various time zones, there are a lot challenges in virtual classroom training. The unfamiliarity with technology platforms also adds to the cluelessness. This is exactly why we have curated a list of solutions that can solve the top 3 challenges in VILT. Read this blog now to find out!

To Sum it All Up!

As much as ‘training from home’ might have seemed weird a year ago, it eventually become an inescapable reality in 2020. And while that’s a reality that you can’t escape from, you now need to come to terms with the other changes including the need for virtual instructor-led training. I hope that this list of 5 must read blogs curated especially for you will help you manage the change from the physical to the virtual classroom, seamlessly and effectively. Happy virtualization!

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Virtual Instructor-led Training: How to Add Muscle to Your Training
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