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7 Must-have Features of a Virtual Training Platform for Seamless VILT Sessions [Infographic]

Digital learning has come a long way. Not too long ago, we were attending classroom training programs and also catching up on learning at our own pace with eLearning modules. In just a couple of months, the scenario has changed, all due to a tiny virus. The coronavirus has forced training professionals globally, to move to virtual training platforms.

 The Impact of COVID-19 on Corporate Training


A virtual training platform offers a set of features that can be used to create a virtual learning environment and make virtual instructor-led training (VILT) sessions an effective alternative to classroom training.

While classroom training will always be cherished as a popular form of training strategy, the features offered by virtual training platforms promise to take interactions between the instructor and learners to a new level.

For instance, did you know that it is possible to divide learners in a virtual classroom into smaller groups, similar to traditional classroom training? It can be done through the ‘breakout room’ feature provided by most virtual training platforms.

Interested to know what the other must-have features of a VILT platform are? Take a look at this infographic.

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Virtual Training Platforms: Essential Features for Engaging VILT Sessions

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Switching from instructor-led training to VILT can be challenging, but with the variety of features offered by virtual training platforms, and the level of engagement they offer, VILT is certainly getting interesting, if not better than classroom training.

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Checklist Before Launching Your New VILT Program