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All About Developing Video-based Learning [Infographics]

Videos are being used as major learning tools that seems to be setting the trend in the IT best practice training industry. Why video? Most people love to watch videos for anything. Over 6 billion hours of video are viewed on YouTube every month! (Source: YouTube). Various studies have established that the millennial generation prefers watching videos over reading manuals and documents. The combination of audio and visuals add life to concepts and make eLearning engaging and effective. Producing and publishing videos is becoming easier and cost-effective. Check these infographics on how you can use videos to enhance training programs.

Develop a Highly Effective Video-Based Lesson

Videos are certainly the most popular online media formats. You can use videos for any kind of training programs. With videos organizations are able to achieve better results quickly. Check our infographic for four simple steps to develop a good learning video.

4 Proven Steps to Develop a Highly Effective Video-Based Lesson [Infographic]

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Creative Ways of Using Videos in E-learning

Microlearning nuggets are the best solution to training employees in a short span. They are useful to give out important information at spaced intervals that help learners reinforce learning. Short videos and microlearning go hand-in-hand, making a perfect pair. Check this infographic to know interesting ways to make videos interesting.

5 Creative Ways of Using Videos in E-learning [infographic]

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Video-based Learning to Enhance Sales Training

Learning videos come in handy to demonstrate the working of a product that is complex or huge. They helps learners retain the information for a longer time. These learning videos can be effortlessly embedded into eLearning courses to augment their effectiveness, or can be used as separate learning objects. To now how video-based learning enhances sales training, check out our infographic.

4 Ways Video-based Learning Enhances Sales Training [Infographic]

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Key Aspects to Consider While Developing Online Learning Videos

Videos play a crucial role in learning and they are becoming more and more popular. However, there are certain aspects to be kept in mind while developing videos. Check this infographic to know the key aspects you should consider while developing videos.

Developing Online Learning Videos – Key Aspects to Consider [Infographic]

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