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Effective Ways of Using Videos in eLearning

As instructional designers, we often start our eLearning course with text and a graphic screen. As a rule of thumb, we start clicking every third slide. These screens are not only ineffective, but also make the learning boring. There are many ways to make your eLearning more engaging and interesting, and videos are one of them.

Using videos in between the slides of an eLearning course helps break monotony and reduce learner’s cognitive load. The use of videos in your eLearning course also depends on factors such as time and cost.

There are various benefits of using videos in online courses. It helps:

  • Put learners in a passive role
  • Engage people emotionally
  • Contain information in smaller chunks
  • Invite learners to analyze and think
  • Are watched many times
  • Improve the learning experience

Your eLearning course can benefit from the effective use of videos. There are many benefits of using videos in online courses such as learner interaction and enhanced retention. When you decide to incorporate a video in your eLearning course, always keep in mind who your learners are and how appropriate it is to use the video because your audience may belong to different categories.

You can create excellent videos for your eLearning course, by focusing on these important aspects.

  1. Videos shouldn’t be long. Videos should emphasize more on the key notes, which help the learner retain information better. It is advisable to use short, 5 minute videos.
  2. Videos should be easily downloadable. You need to compress your videos, as this helps your learners download them easily.
  3. Videos are used to impart training on processes through simulations. The full potential of simulations can be realized through videos.
  4. Videos should be interactive to keep the audience engaged and focused on the points you want to present.
  5. Videos can be made creative either by using your own employees to shoot or by using animated characters. You can come up with a short story that is relevant to your training content.

Videos can be powerful tools of broadcasting information to your learner with effective and rapid visual demonstrations that enrich the learning experience. Make efficient use of videos in your online courses and at the same time make it fun and informative.

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