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5 Tips for Using Flipped Classrooms Effectively – [Infographic]

The flipped classroom is an instructional model in which learners view video lectures before attending classroom training sessions. Flipped classrooms are very helpful in “repurposing” the time spent in face-to-face training sessions. As the learners have already “attended” the video lectures, the time used to impart instruction in the classrooms can be used for activities such as conducting workshops to clarify doubts, testing the knowledge gained and interacting with peers.

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5 Tips for Using Flipped Classrooms Effectively [Infographic]

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Flipped classrooms have re-defined the role of trainers, placing the onus of learning on the learners. It has transformed learning from being mere transfer of information to a more collaborative exercise. Here are 5 tips that help you make the best use of this instructional model.

Thus, you can efficiently use flipped classrooms to provide the best training to your staff. What do you think?

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