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Gamification in the Virtual Classroom: 5 Ways to Raise the Engagement Bar [Infographic]

We all love a gamified learning experience, don’t we? Gamification in corporate training is not a new concept. We have used it in classroom as well as online training with great success. With virtual classrooms being the most sought-after training strategy in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, is it possible to gamify that as well?

Absolutely! Gamifying your virtual classroom can motivate and engage learners in the learning process. It can also foster a sense of competition using badges, rewards, and leaderboards. Gamification in the virtual classroom offers the following benefits for learners:

  • Enhances learner engagement
  • Improves interactivity
  • Develops critical-thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Fosters a competitive spirit
 Maximizing Impact in the Virtual Classroom


Technology plays an important role in implementing gamification in the virtual classroom. For example, if you have a virtual learning course covering a range of topics, each of it dealt as an independent unit, you could have learners dictate what they would like to learn first. This can be done through a poll that helps instructors decide the topic that needs to be dealt with first, based on the poll results.

You could make use of whiteboards and ask learners to write their responses on the whiteboard. The learners with maximum right responses can be awarded points or virtual badges.

Check this infographic for useful tips on engaging learners in the virtual classroom with gamification.

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Virtual Classroom Gamification: Useful Tips from Experts!

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