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Your Go-to Guide for Successfully Implementing Rapid E-learning Design

The landscape of corporate training is an ever-shifting barrage of learner expectations and challenges, changing at a rapid pace than ever. This demands learning that’s delivered at the speed of need. Rapid eLearning is the right choice to meet this need, without compromising on effective instructional design and learner engagement.

In today’s cut-throat corporate climate, organizations have to battle it out to stay ahead of the competition. An effective employee training program that keeps employees on their toes at all times is really important to enjoy this competitive edge—more importantly, a training that is developed and delivered rapidly, and appeals to the modern learner.

Having said that, the development process is no child’s play. Instructional designers are known to face difficulties with regards to:

  • Keeping learning fresh and engagement high
  • Working with SMEs
  • Standardizing and scaling up eLearning development without compromising on quality

In light of these challenges, we understand that instructional designers can really benefit from a guide on Rapid E-learning Design to help them overcome these obstacles. And the good news is, we have just the resource for you!

‘Rapid E-learning Design for Quick Rollout’ is our comprehensive eBook on rapid eLearning design. Learn how to build learner engagement, how to work efficiently with SMEs, how to use different learning strategies to make learning stick, and much more.

Rapid eLearning Design for Quick Rollout