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How A Proficient E-learning Company Connects Business & Training Objectives

Aligning your business goals and training objectives can have far reaching advantages. When your training program single-mindedly pursues your organizational goals, your entire workforce falls in line with it. As the training program becomes more relevant to your learners, it increases engagement and knowledge retention. As a result, practical skill development increases, and with it increase employee confidence and satisfaction. Employees perform better, achieving their goals and targets proficiently. This in turn increases your organization’s profitability and stability.

However, connecting your business goals with learning objectives can come off as a challenge for organizations hiring third party vendors to handle their e-learning requirements.

Understanding the starting point and the end goal of your business forms the foundation of any good training strategy. Based on this understanding, skill-gaps have to be identified and addressed, through appropriate courses. Vendors who are not mature enough can fail to do a fine deduction of goals and skill-gaps. The wrong e-learning vendor may not be able to deliver the level of customization that you require. Less customized courses that ‘don’t talk your company’s talk’ can pin a badge of mediocrity on your training program. An inexperienced e-learning vendor may not be able to form an accurate assessment strategy to test people for the desired e-learning results. Topics may not reach their maximum impact due to the use of inappropriate instructional design strategies.

Selecting the right e-learning vendor, therefore, is your first step in bridging the gap between your business goals and training objectives. The right e-learning company will have the necessary expertise and maturity to thoroughly analyze your business requirements and come up with trainings that are impactful and engaging. They will also have the right industry or domain knowledge, using which the overall quality of information can be greatly improved. Using set development processes, combined with rapid authoring tools, they can give you a course that is completely in line with your objectives.

Here are some steps that good e-learning companies usually follow to align learning and business goals:

Identifying Business Goals

The first step to creating a successful e-learning program is to identify your organization’s objectives. Quality learning activities can only be created after combining sound instructional design principles with a deep understanding of business goals. The right e-learning company will have the necessary drive and skill set to understand your requirements properly and deliver excellent results.

Creating Learning Strategies

Create a learning strategy that is based on your company’s business goals. Break down the strategy into practically developable skills and apply design principles to teach it to learners. The right e-learning company will use the best possible mediums to impart effective knowledge to learners. Using visual elements, game-based content and interactivities, an expert e-learning company can create an enriching learning experience.

Developing Content

After all the analyzing and planning, the final step is to develop the actual content for the course. As course development can be a long process, maintaining quality throughout is a big challenge. Each module goes to multiple people for review and can undergo multiple rounds of changes. Go with an e-learning company that has a fast and accurate course development process. They should provide the right mixture of rapid development and quality control.

The right e-learning company not only connects your business goals and learning objectives, but also creates a learning program of great value. Making the connection is just the first step. What defines an e-learning company is what it does with this connection. Only go with a vendor for whom e-learning is a primary business, since a very long time. Experience can be a sure sign of quality.

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