Rapid eLearning and Occam’s Razor [Infographic]

Occam’s razor is an interesting line of thought that can be applied to corporate training. Curious to know how the principle of ‘Occam’s Razor’ can be applied to rapid eLearning? This infographic has the answers.

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Rapid eLearning and its Link to the Principle of Occam’s Razor

Looking at improving sales, efficiency levels, and adherence to compliance in your organization? Look no further than rapid eLearning! Opting for rapid eLearning development can help you save more on your training budget – almost 50% to 70% more as compared to traditional classroom training.

What makes rapid eLearning a smart investment is that it is guided by the Pareto’s principle which states that 80% of results come from 20% of efforts. You are probably aware of this, but did you know that rapid eLearning is also linked to the principle of Occam’s razor?

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For the uninitiated, Occam’s razor, also known as ‘law of parsimony’, is a problem-solving principle which conveys that the simplest explanation is most probably the right one. This line of reasoning is used to slice through a problem and eliminate unnecessary assumptions.

For example, healthcare professionals use it determine an illness after analyzing symptoms, and detectives use it to narrow down on suspects. It’s interesting to note that L&D professionals can use this principle to narrow down on the choice of training solution.

When you need to get time-critical training out to your employees, or are considering a budget-friendly solution, rapid eLearning development is the answer. To know more about the application of Occam’s razor in rapid eLearning, check this infographic.

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Rapid eLearning and its Link to the Principle of Occam’s Razor

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Remember that not all training challenges need complex solutions. Something as minimalistic as rapid eLearning, without the frills and fancies associated with glitzy eLearning courses can provide the best remedies for your training challenges.

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Rapid eLearning and its Link to the Principle of Occam’s Razor
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