3 ‘Quick n Dirty’ Rapid eLearning Design & Development Tricks [Infographic]

You say, “cost, time and budget” and we say, – “Rapid eLearning”. Use Rapid eLearning to solve all your training woes!

Published on Updated on October 01 2021

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Rapid eLearning: 3 Ideas to Speed up the Design and Development Process

What are the three biggest frenemies of an L&D leader? Of course, cost, time, and budget! So much so that most of us are always on the hunt to find quick tricks to enable rapid eLearning. To add to the misery, disruptions due to the COVID-19 crisis have made it all the more important and urgent to find ways to develop ‘quick and dirty’ eLearning courses. To put it straight – rapid eLearning is the savior; however, there are best practices or tricks which help boost the speed of the design and development process.

What are these? Can these tricks be applied to all situations where rapid eLearning helps? Let’s find out.

To begin with, here are a few situations where rapid eLearning can help:

So, whether you want to migrate to virtual training methods, speed up the eLearning translation process effectively, or rollout courses quickly, rapid eLearning is your answer! It caters to your dynamic business needs and helps you evolve at the speed of business!

Here’s an infographic that offers 3 ideas for a quick and dirty rapid eLearning design and development process. Find more tips under each idea for effective application.

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Rapid eLearning: 3 Ideas to Speed up the Design and Development Process

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Rapid eLearning Design for Quick Rollout - 5 Best Practices for Instructional Designers
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