Coherence Principle and E-Learning – An Infographic

Coherence Principle and E-Learning – An Infographic

It is common knowledge that the use multimedia in online courses makes them lively. However, it is important to make sure that the multimedia used in your eLearning course adds instructional value to it.  Clark, R.C., & Mayer, R.E. (2003) in the book “E-Learning and the Science of Instruction”, proposed the coherence principle. This principle states that the elimination of unnecessary media elements improves learning.

Therefore all sounds, graphics and words that are not required to convey your message effectively, need to be removed. The coherence principle provides 3 suggestions to instructional designers (IDs). Let us learn more about these suggestions.

Coherence Principle and E-Learning

Thus, by following these suggestions, you can make effective use of multimedia in your online courses that goes a long way in making them highly effective. Hope you find this post useful.

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