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Why Should You Invest in Rapid eLearning for Corporate Training?

ELearning turned heads for its noteworthy advantages and contributions to corporate training. However, with changing business demands and learner attitudes, the need for something more innovative and quicker was realized. And that’s when rapid eLearning stole the show and has been in the limelight ever since. Rapid eLearning is a method of creating eLearning courses quickly and in a cost-effective manner. This approach is implemented in terms of creating the design, developing the content, and finally delivering the course to the client. To ensure an uncompromised quality along with faster results, rapid eLearning incorporates the 4Rs — Redesign, Record, Rebuild, and Republish. These attributes of rapid eLearning help organizations deliver the necessary training to their employees and close the gap between the present and required competency to achieve desired objectives.

Why Should You Invest in Rapid eLearning?

Perhaps the most important part of your business is making sure it turns a profit. For that, you need to adapt to the changing business scenarios and align your workforce with the ongoing trends. To ensure they are capable of adjusting well in terms of skills and knowledge, providing them with training is essential. This requires you to have budgets in place and also maintain them. With that said, you need to be vigilant about utilizing time and resources optimally. When you use rapid eLearning, these factors are addressed because of its high-quality approach and efficiency alone.

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But that’s not all! Let’s take a look at some outstanding reasons (in detail) which make a solid case for investing in rapid eLearning.

It is cost-effective

Rapid eLearning is a cost-effective option that offers the best quality content for your corporate training. Despite the low developmental cost, it doesn’t compromise the effectiveness of the eLearning courses. It leverages rapid eLearning authoring tools that don’t require specialized programming knowledge. Even better, these tools make use of pre-built templates and also have the option to store your previous designs in a built-in library, which cuts down the expense of building everything from the start. The authoring tools facilitate easier upgrades instead of creating long courses all over again, thereby reducing the expenses even further.

Apart from this, rapid eLearning saves money as it makes use of already existing classroom training material or eLearning courses that can be repurposed into different formats as per the set learning objectives. Moreover, rapid authoring tools are easy to use, so your internal team members can easily update content information rapidly and affordably without having to go back to the vendor. You can also bring down the cost as there are no recurring license costs, in contrast to licenses for general eLearning content.

Types of Authoring Tools

It is time-saving

As evident by the name itself, rapid eLearning accelerates content development and delivery, thereby saving time. Since less time is required to design and develop the eLearning courses, your employees can easily use the buffer time to focus on more important things that will contribute to immediate business objectives. To develop rapid eLearning courses, authoring tools are deployed, which contain pre-built designs and templates to ensure top-notch content quality without consuming too much time. With improved authoring tools, adding interactivities, animations, gamified elements, etc., is simpler than ever. All these features enable time-efficient course-building and allow for faster rollout of eLearning courses. So when you are in a hurry but don’t want to give up on quality, rapid eLearning is a safe bet!

It facilitates easy updation of eLearning courses

Things change at a much quicker rate nowadays. Business goals, learning objectives, and training content are no exceptions that generate the need for constant updates of eLearning content. But the good thing is the fundamentals of eLearning courses do not change this frequently. So you can easily leverage the pre-existing eLearning material, make some modifications, and you’re good to go. As simple as it seems now, this would have been a tedious task if it were not for the rapid eLearning authoring tools. They foster the possibility of updating the training material more easily and on a regular basis without being heavy on the pocket or taking up too much time.

Some of the user-friendly authoring tools with standout features include Lectora, Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline, iSpring, Elucidat, etc., which make the content updation process seamless. Invest in rapid eLearning and say goodbye to outdated, no longer relevant content and bring in fresh perspectives of innovation, creativity, and enhanced productivity.

It is helpful to accelerate employee performance

Employees are the backbone of the company. If you introduce any change, be it in the work culture or launching some new product/service line, your employees must be on top of their game. It requires preparedness, knowledge, and desired skills to gain favorable results. But if the training is delayed due to any reason, it heavily impacts the overall performance and outcome.

Rapid eLearning enables quick rollout of courses and helps accelerate employee performance. It ensures that corporate training is provided to the employees in a timely manner so that they cover the skill gap and contribute toward the business goals.

Rapid authoring tools leverage the pre-built asset library and responsive design to make the eLearning content more engaging and easy to retain. They align the courses with the modern learning habits of the workforce to enhance the training ROI. Moreover, learners can access the eLearning courses at their convenience, which facilitates continual learning as well as performance support.

Parting Thoughts!

Investment in rapid eLearning is sure to fetch profitable returns. It offers a comprehensive package of all things nice that every successful business is looking for. It can be in terms of quality, cost, time, training outcomes, and business goal achievement. If you are among the top progressive-thinking businesses that believe in the best for themselves and their employees, opting for rapid eLearning is definitely worthwhile. Well, the secret to this rapid nature of rapid eLearning lies in the 4Rs. Check out this eBook to know more about them!

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in December 2022 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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