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Increasing eLearning Adoption Through Champions

Is eLearning being met with resistance at your workplace? Have you reached a roadblock with respect to promoting your eLearning initiative in your organization? You should consider developing eLearning champions to promote your learning initiative in the organization.

While eLearning may not be received well by all of your employees, there may be some who may be amenable to the idea of learning and personal development. They may share your vision of learning and development among employees or may at least be neutral to the idea. A few among them might have a passion for learning and truly believe that eLearning can expedite the learning process for themselves and their peers. They are the people who could be your potential eLearning champions.

You need to first market the idea of having an eLearning champion to the leadership team. This has to be discussed way before you actually start rolling out your marketing initiatives. Clearly defined ownership for supporting, encouraging and driving employee adoption of eLearning is required for the success of any initiative. So to drive and sustain the momentum of eLearning in your organization you need to get a champion on board. This will dramatically increase the uptake of e-learning.

Ideal eLearning champions would be those people who have good relationship with peers and are well-respected by their superiors as well as subordinates. They keenly follow the current technological developments and understand the benefits that eLearning can provide both to individuals as well as organizations. They empathize with their colleagues and understand the reasons behind any resistance to eLearning. Through their relationships and people skills, they can mediate between the management and the employees to make a positive shift in the attitude of those who are reluctant to accept eLearning. They are likely to achieve this as people are more receptive to their peers than to management.

It is therefore very important to consider having eLearning champions who can spearhead your eLearning initiative and overcome the roadblocks in eLearning adoption within your organization.

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