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Why You Should Outsource E-learning to India

Developing your e-learning course in-house might seem like a good idea. However, course development can be a complicated process, involving many intricate technicalities. It requires a lot of dedication, so much so that it can take your focus away from your core business. On top of that, if you lack the right expertise, then your development process can quickly go into a downward spiral.

Outsourcing the development of e-learning courses is the way to go for most organizations. You gain the benefit of the immense skill and experience of the e-learning development company. It may be possible that you are well versed with the topic of your training, but unsure of developing the training. With outsourcing, you don’t have to deal with staffing issues. You can increase or decrease the number of people working on your project, as per your immediate requirement. By utilizing the time-zone difference between your country and the offshore e-learning vendor, you can significantly reduce the development time, resulting in quicker turnarounds.

It is tried and tested that outsourcing can make your training development a smoother process. In the last decade or so, India has emerged as the favorite destination for organizations to outsource their training needs. Below are some of the reasons:


E-learning vendors in India can offer you the best course development packages at budget-friendly rates. On an average, developing a course in India can cost significantly less compared to other countries. You save money not only on just developing courses, but also on translating and localizing them. Outsourcing the administration of your Learning Management System (LMS) can also be done in a very cost-effective way.

Skilled Professionals

India has one of the world’s largest IT and multimedia workforce. Since India has become the outsourcing hub for major IT and multimedia companies, there are ample technically proficient people here. Be it subject matter experts (SMEs), instructional designers, visual designers, or authoring tools experts, India has them all. Apart from this, India also has the largest population of English speakers, with an easily understandable neutral accent. This allows businesses from the world over to outsource their work to India seamlessly.

Legal Support

The Indian government gives outsourcing the highest importance. Outsourcing laws and policies in India are drafted to protect the interests of overseas clients. By outsourcing to India, you can get many tax-related and other benefits, that the government grants your company. By implementing the Information Technology Act, it recognizes e-contracts, facilitates filing of documents in the electronic format, and protects your confidential data.

Quality Output

Saving costs might be the reason companies start outsourcing to India, but that doesn’t compel them to stay. Quality and hassle free output, that delivers on the set promises is what drives companies back to India, again and again. With skilled professionals, combined with a highly advanced infrastructure and dedicated work ethic, e-learning development companies make sure that they deliver top-notch results each time.

All things considered, it can be very beneficial to outsource e-learning to India. But with so many companies available in India, how do you select the right one? Here are some of the points you should consider before making that call:

  • Choose an e-learning company that has at least 10 years of industry experience.
  • Look for companies with a strong clientele and maximum positive references.
  • Hire a company with competent project management teams, that have experience working with global clients.
  • Choose a company that has streamlined processes and standardizations, to facilitate rapid development.
  • Check if the company uses licensed software and other course elements.
  • Get to know the key team members. Their capabilities and qualifications can act as the decisive factor in delivering an excellent product.

Outsource e-learning to India to impart the best training to your people and thereby improve their productivity, resulting in better functioning of your organization. Experience India’s e-learning incredibleness.

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