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2 Excellent Examples of E-learning Courses

Have you been hearing your online courses are having high drop out rates? As an instructional designer, this could be your worst nightmare. Well, ineffective and boring courses are the main reason for e-learning drop outs. Such courses confuse learners which makes them want to quit.

In this blog, I would like to share 4 inspiring e-learning courses that’ll help you come up with good ideas to create memorable learning experiences.

1. Performance Management Training through Game-based Learning

According to Forbes, poor performance management is the main reason employers lose their best talent. So, it is important to educate your employees on their career opportunities, benefits & perks, and growth potential – in short – your performance management framework. What is the effective way to do this? Given the global reach of organizations, e-learning is preferred over classroom training in the current scenario. ? And with the help of gaming elements in e-learning, you can just make your courses ‘wow’!

Here is one of our courses where we explained the performance management framework through a maze. Learners have to answer questions at certain points to proceed further.

The Performance Management Training through Gamification

View E-learning: The Performance Management Training Maze

Why we like it!

  • Great looks – the whole course is built on the idea of a maze
  • Game-based storytelling approach
  • Fully immersive and robust visual design
  • Consistent use of fonts and colors
  • Clear progression

2. Healthcare Training Through Guided Learning

Healthcare training plays a vital role in protecting the safety and health of staff and patients. Being an e-learning professional, how can you make this training engaging and memorable? Check this example of e-learning in action regarding genetic mutations.

Why we like it!

  • Guided-learning approach
  • Instructionally sound
  • Gives a complete understanding of the concept
  • Appealing visuals
  • Interactive assessments that require learners to figure out reports

As modern learners’ behavior is changing, it’s your job to tweak your training in a way that grabs their attention.

Please do share your ideas and sample e-learning courses in the Comments section below.

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