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10 Commandments for Learner Motivation and Engagement (Part 1) [Infographic]

How important is learner motivation and engagement in online training? Let’s try to understand how these two factors – that are often ignored – can become roadblocks to effective online training.

You’ve developed eLearning courses, incorporated media elements, scheduled the training sessions, and painstakingly planned every aspect of your online training strategy. But wait, there’s one problem, – out of 5000 learners, only 100 completed your eLearning course successfully!

What went wrong?

Explore the secret to evolving at the speed of business with rapid eLearning.

Most often than not, courses that aren’t designed with a learner-centric approach fail to meet learners’ expectations and lead to either high dropout rates or unsuccessful attempts. A learner-centric approach includes – addressing relevance to learners’ challenges on the job, right interactions, impactful instructional strategies and media complements, immediate and diagnostic feedback, and so on. All in all, the idea is to generate motivation and engagement – crucial for an effective learning journey.

In addition, motivation and engagement in online training are indispensable to combat cognitive overload and boredom, especially in asynchronous training methods where you do not have an instructor to adjust instruction based on learners’ reaction.

However, cracking the code of motivation and engagement in eLearning isn’t always a smooth process. So, here’s an infographic that gives you the first five steps in a 10-step plan to enhance motivation and engaging in online training.

P.S. Watch this space for part 2 of the 10-step plan.

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Motivation and Engagement in Online Training: A 10-step Plan (Part 1)

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