5 Reasons Why You Should Opt for Mobile Learning [Infographic]


Should mobile learning be part of your corporate training strategy? This infographic gives you some good reasons to make mobile learning a part of the learning and development initiatives in your organization.

Mobile Learning: 5 Good Reasons to Include it in Your Training Strategy

Communicating with others, shopping, playing games, ordering food – the list of tasks that can be accomplished through a smartphone are many. With two-thirds of the world’s population connected by mobile, why should mobile learning be left behind?

We are all aware that learning is changing. Organizations need agile learning that’s ready to be accessed by learners whenever they need, and what better than mobile learning to fulfil this need.

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According to an article from Docebo, a research by Towards Maturity has revealed that 64% of learners feel that accessing their training content from a mobile device is essential. Modern learners want training that’s instantly accessible. They not only want structured formal training, but also look for informal or just-in-time training that can be accessed on their mobile devices, whenever they need.

It’s not just expectations of learners, expectations of organizations too have changed. They want more from investments in training and the ROI is a factor that’s closely watched.

What are the reasons why you should opt for mobile learning? This infographic reveals the details.

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Mobile Learning: 5 Good Reasons to Include it in Your Training Strategy

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From a nice-to-have strategy, mobile learning has moved to a must-have training strategy in most organizations. Is your organization ready for mobile learning? Don’t forget to download this eBook on overcoming implementation barriers in mobile learning.

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