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9 Ways Organizations are Using Mobile Learning [Infographic]

Did you know that learners are more motivated to learn when mobile devices are leveraged for training? If you are looking at increasing the training speed and productivity of your workforce, mobile learning can make a positive impact and there’s evidence to prove this.

Merrill Lynch conducted an interesting experiment. They deployed three compliance courses on computers and mobile devices. 99% of participants preferred the m-learning format and were willing to complete more courses on their mobile devices. Not just that, learners using a smartphone completed the course 45% faster than those using traditional desktops.

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The experiment revealed that Merrill Lynch was able to produce an additional 4,270 hours of productivity by rolling out training on mobile devices. One of the biggest advantages of using m-learning is that enables learning on-the-go and builds learner engagement.

What are the ways in which organizations use mobile learning? This infographic highlights 9 ways.

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Mobile Learning: Its Applications in Corporate Training

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Would you like to add to this list of applications of mobile learning in corporate training? Please use the Comments section to do so. And for organizations just getting started with mobile learning, find out how it can be used effectively for performance support. More details available in this eBook!

Mobile Learning: How to Overcome Implementation Barriers