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Discover How to Deliver Highly Effective Microlearning Leveraging AI Tools [Webinar]

L&D professionals, take note! Prepare your training programs for revolution with the special webinar on “Designing High-Impact Microlearning, Leveraging AI Tools.” Discover how AI technologies can revolutionize the way you design effective and interesting learning experiences as we explore the world of microlearning. This webinar will motivate you to fully utilize microlearning’s potential by providing customized, engaging, and effective training options.

In the hectic corporate climate of today, where time is a valuable resource, microlearning provides a perfect training solution. Owing to its succinct nature, it enables students to interact with the course material in quick bursts that easily fit into their hectic schedules. L&D professionals can fulfil the expectations of contemporary learners who want on-demand and just-in-time learning experiences by embracing microlearning. With the help of this webinar, you will be able to create microlearning modules that maximize learning results and successfully engage your workers.

Embrace the Microlearning Revolution

Are you prepared to join the revolution in microlearning? Your entryway into a new era of corporate training is this webinar. The way that learners consume knowledge is revolutionized by microlearning’s concise and targeted approach. You will learn a lot about the different microlearning forms, such as videos, games, quizzes, and infographics, by participating in this webinar. Learn how these formats can be modified to match particular training requirements, increasing engagement and memory retention. Don’t pass up this chance to change your L&D initiatives by utilizing the power of microlearning.

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Learn How to Leverage AI Tools to Enable Personalized Learning

Learning personalization is elevated to new levels when AI techniques are incorporated into the design of microlearning. Join us as Dr. Lewis provides insightful information about how AI tools hasten the creation of effective microlearning experiences. Discover chances for microlearning and clarify requirements by learning efficient stakeholder engagement approaches. Learn about the accelerated development process made possible by AI tools. With the help of this webinar, you’ll be able to develop rapid eLearning materials that really speak to your learners, resulting in results that matter and improving their learning experience.

Explore the Possibilities Offered by Implementation of Microlearning

Are you prepared to explore the myriad opportunities presented by microlearning? You have the chance to explore the world of microlearning apps during this webinar. Microlearning is flexible and adaptive and can be used for a variety of learning situations, social learning, performance assistance, and reinforcement. We’ll demonstrate how microlearning effortlessly integrates into your training plan using real-world examples and case studies. As we examine the limitless possibilities of microlearning and how it might satisfy the learning requirements of your organization, get ready to be inspired.

Unlock Streamlined Course Development Using Latest AI Tools

It has never been simpler to develop high impact microlearning experiences. AI tools simplify the development process, improving their effectiveness. We’ll walk you through the process of designing microlearning while utilizing the power of AI technologies step by step in this webinar. Learn how to differentiate microlearning from other instructional design strategies and interact with stakeholders in a productive manner. Learn how AI tools may be used to improve content creation, turning your training programs into fun and dynamic learning environments. Get ready to start a journey of efficient microlearning development that empowers your learners and saves time.

In this 60-minute webinar on July 20, 2023 at 11 AM EDT, participants will gain specific knowledge on following things:

  1. Find out how microlearning differs from rest of the instructional strategies
  2. Engage with learners & other stakeholders to understand their requirements
  3. Identify opportunities for microlearning, including refresher and reinforcement
  4. Follow a clear & nuanced development path
  5. Leveraging AI tools to enhance your corporate training

About the Speaker

The webinar will be conducted by Dr. Howard B. Lewis, a veteran with over four decades of experience working in performance technology, instructional design, and education. His experience in leadership, management, sales and marketing, engineering, safety, medical management, customer service, and performance management is recognized at both national and international levels. Howard has a master’s degree in occupational safety and health, he earned his doctorate in international training, instructional technology, and curriculum and instruction, and he is a certified performance technologist.

Final Words

Don’t pass up the chance to improve your training initiatives by watching the webinar on “Designing High-Impact Microlearning, Leveraging AI Tools.” Join us to unleash the power of microlearning and transform your L&D programs. Learn about the many microlearning formats and how to customize them for your training requirements.

Investigate how AI tools can be used to speed up development and provide individualized learning experiences. Join this collaborative learning environment right away to begin exploring the virtually endless possibilities of microlearning. Register today. Get ready to start a transformational journey and advance your training initiatives!

Designing High-Impact Microlearning, Leveraging AI Tools