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What’s Microlearning? An Overview of its Benefits and Formats [Video]

Microlearning or short learning nuggets work well on multiple mobile devices and are perfect for modern employees who love learning on-the-go. Also, bite-sized nuggets can deliver the right information at the right time, exactly at a learner’s moment-of-need. And that’s a considerable reason for the soaring popularity of microlearning.

However, there are still quite a lot of misconceptions surrounding microlearning. For instance, microlearning is instantly associated with performance support or simple slicing of content. But that’s not what microlearning is all about! Microlearning offers a hoard of benefits for organizations as well as learners. One biggest advantage of using microlearning is that it can be presented in a variety of interesting formats, depending on the function or the purpose you’d like to achieve through the training.

For example, if you had to show the steps in a process, you could use a simple infographic; if you had to show how a particular step in the process is to be completed, you could use a microlearning video. This is not all, there are many more microlearning formats you can explore, and this video can give you a quick overview of the benefits and formats of microlearning.

Where Does Microlearning Fit in Your Learning Strategy?