4 Learning Strategies to Train Employees on New Software


This blog post shares about the four learning strategies that can help you to train your employees effectively on a new software.

4 Learning Strategies to Train Employees on New Software

Organizations worldwide are managing their operations with online tools – SAP, HRIS Workday, Service Tools and many more. These tools help global organizations align and sync their operations worldwide with just a click.

But, these are not so simple to be adopted by employees. It needs a cultural shift.

There are 4 strategies to effectively train employees in a short time.

1. The Why Viral Video

Now, do I have to work with one more software? This is the nightmare of many employees. To help them overcome this hurdle, we need to:

  • Educate them on “why” this software
  • Tell them how it helps perform their jobs easily
  • Explain them how it gives them more free time to do what is important

The Why Viral Video

This should be achieved with a “fun” video using cartoons and storytelling method. It should not be in a serious tone. People should connect with the video and look forward to learning about the tool. The video should not be more than 2-3 minutes.

2. Quick Job Aid

Even though employees are learning about the software, they will feel comfortable if they have 2-3 page handouts on how to perform the steps.

These handouts should contain single line instructions with screenshots. They make the learner feel that the steps are very simple and motivate them to learn the software.

Quick Job Aid

The job aids should have standard icons to visually connect with the learner.

3. “How to Videos”

Software simulations are effective tools to train employees. These simulations help learners see and perform the task.

  • Create videos that show the step-by-step procedure to perform a task.
  • Develop videos on Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
  • Use music instead of audio.
  • Show key messages as tips.

How to Videos

4. Make it Global

As most of the software applications are intended for global audience, it is important to have these trainings translated into multiple languages. Some tips to save money and time in making them global.

Make it Global

  • “Why” viral videos should be translated with audio, into various languages, and we should not compromise on this as it is a key motivator.
  • Job-aids should be translated with screenshots and tips in different languages.
  • “How” videos – just change the screen-shots in various languages. As there is no audio, it helps save money and time.

These are 4 strategies to train your employees effectively. Please do share your thoughts.

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