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4 Ways to Support Your eLearning Outsourcing Vendor [SlideShare]

When you have urgent training deadlines, when you have to work within restrictive budgets, when you lack in-house expertise for eLearning design and development, or when your in-house team is overwhelmed with work – eLearning outsourcing is the most obvious solution to all your problems.

Explore how to meet training deliverables at the speed of business demand with rapid eLearning.

eLearning outsourcing gives you a one-stop solution for all your training needs – the expertise of instructional designers and developers, streamlined and agile project management, technical resources like authoring tools and eLearning translation memory tools, etc. But despite all these apparent benefits, many organizations are reluctant to outsource. So, here are some possible barriers and their solutions.

  • Communication barriers: Have a single point of contact and schedule regular meetings to get updates on the project.
  • Confidentiality barriers: Have legal non-disclosure agreements
  • Long-drawn out processes: Make sure the eLearning vendor follows an agile project management process
  • Quality issues: Follow efficient quality assurance checklists with the help of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

Now that we have cleared your apprehensions, the next thing you need is a trustworthy eLearning outsourcing partner who can meet all your training requirements. And to make the eLearning outsourcing venture a success, you need to do your bit too, to support your vendor. Here’s a SlideShare with some tips.



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