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How to Ensure Learning and Development Positively Impacts Individual Employee Growth

It should be safe to say that employees are the most important assets of a company. Companies have started to understand this fact and thus, they have started to invest a lot more in the learning and development of their employees. The companies have realized that the employees should be kept updated with the latest knowledge and their skills need to be upgraded so that they are relevant in the dynamic corporate world. In this blog, I will be talking about the positive impact on an individual employee’s growth in a company that promotes learning and development initiatives.

The learning and development process should be a systematic approach where the main objective should be the individual growth of employees in terms of skills, knowledge, and competence. Employees should be able to perform their respective tasks efficiently and be productive for the company. To ensure the learning and development initiatives are on the right track, a few key indicators can be closely monitored. Read on to break down 4 such indicators that display an individual employee’s growth through learning and development practices.

4 Key Indicators to Ensure Individual Employee Growth

1. The employee looks happy and engaged throughout the working hours

This shouldn’t have to be specified but I am doing it anyway. A happy employee is an indispensable asset to a company. There are several factors that affect the emotional status of an employee in a company, whether it be their lack of knowledge or their competency at the job. Streamlined learning and development practices can have a direct impact on an employee’s individual growth.

When an employee is trained with expertise in their job, they are able to deliver results more effectively. When the results are delivered without any major problems and errors, employees feel confident and happy, which keeps them motivated toward their work and this proves that the learning and development practices have been successful and have created a positive impact on individual employee growth.

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2. The employee wants to stay in the company for a longer period

Well-designed learning and development practices have a straight and sorted relation with an employee’s retention. Any employee who eventually decided to stay for a longer period in a specific company loves to work for that company. Now the point is, what makes an employee stay for that long? The answer should be simple, the learning and development approach of the company would be streamlined and personalized as per the individual strengths and goals. The work culture is nurtured when learning is emphasized in a company because employees get a feeling that their company is invested in their future and supports their career development.

3. The employee gets along well with their colleagues

This might seem like an extension to our first indicator but it really isn’t. Individual happiness and collective happiness are two different things. An employee can stay happy individually even if they don’t get along well with their colleagues and vice-versa. To ensure employees get along well with each other, a collaborative approach to learning and development programs can be pursued. Within this specific approach, a few prominent practices such as group discussions, interdepartmental collaborations, collective team deliverables, and team meetings can be preferred.

When employees get to know each other properly, understand their boundaries, and work dependency with other respective employees, they become more responsible and considerate towards their colleagues. A well-behaved, friendly, and respectful work environment will improve each employee’s moral values that would ultimately lead to the company’s learning and development program termed as successful.

4. The employee develops the potential to be a mentor for the new generation

An individual, if trained properly, and served with the right knowledge, expertise, and relevant skills, tends to develop significant leadership skills. These leadership skills would eventually stay with the individual for a long period and will come in handy in everyday life. An individual becomes more responsible as a human being once they are well-versed with relevant leadership qualities. They can mentor new generation employees and train them to become a better version of themselves and guide them towards productivity and well-being that will eventually improve their overall performance.

A company always welcomes self-made leaders who can drive the results to greater heights and empower the other employees working with them. Learning and development practices that are capable of making an employee a good leader, are automatically proven successful and impactful for individual growth.

Final Thoughts!

An employee’s individual growth highly depends on the way their company functions. If a company follows a well-crafted learning and development program and sets proper and achievable goals for their employees through those programs, employees tend to engage more with those programs. Employee engagement is one of the most important factors to determine their productivity for the company.

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