Delivering Information-security Training through E-learning

Delivering Information-security Training through E-learning

Delivering Information-security Training through E-learning

Information security problems are on the rise affecting all organizations. Organizations are losing millions of dollars every year. According to a survey conducted by PwC on data-security breaches, 450k to 850k pounds is the average cost to a large organization of its worst security breach of the year.

But why do you think this is happening? Ponemon Institute, a research firm, in 2013, pointed out that 35% of data breaches have occurred due to human factors, such as employees not handling sensitive information appropriately and lack of awareness.

So, what should be done? Well, the employees need to be trained. There are various areas on which your employees need to be trained, such as:

  • Degree of security needed for a particular type of information/data
  • Responsibility of users in protecting their organization’s information/data
  • Construction of strong passwords
  • Consequences of information leakage
  • Identification of information to be shared on social media
  • Differentiation of confidential and non-sensitive information

For more information on the topics, you can take a look at this presentation.

It is very important to have proper policies in place and conduct awareness training programs, so that employees don’t make costly errors. But the question here is – how to effectively train them?

Well, the online medium is the simplest and most economical and convenient means to complement your other training mediums. The content can be presented using visual aids, scenarios, case studies and videos that can help in reinforcing messages. The courses can be made learner-centric, and they can be presented very effectively using interactivities like click on tabs, rollovers etc. Also, quizzes can be used to assess learners on what they have learnt and help them identify the areas in which they need to improve. Moreover, it is easy to update online training content.

However, designing an online course on information security is not so simple; you need to make sure it is effective enough to bring about a change in the behavior of your employees. Let us see how to build a successful information security training program.

Decide on the Content of the Course: The first thing to do is decide on the content to be included in the online training program. It should cover the security procedures and rules and regulations which must be strictly followed. The main goal of the training program is to provide comprehensive knowledge of your firm’s security practices to your employees.

Ensure the Online Training Material Is Easy to Use: The eLearning material should be easy to understand, so that your employees can analyze and grasp concepts easily. It can be made more interesting by using small quizzes and puzzles and scenarios based on real life situations.

Create Awareness: Your employees should understand the importance of taking up the training. Implement a information-security awareness program with the support of the management. Once the employees are aware of the importance and need for information-security training, they are more likely to attend the training with an open mind and will be receptive to the suggestions shared during the training program.

Acquire Awareness Materials: Collecting additional data from information-security training organizations is a good idea, as these firms are more experienced and can help with the right training content that can be added to the materials that are developed by in-house subject-matter experts.

Track and Report: You need to track the employees’ performance and see that the training is utilized effectively. This can be done using a Learning Management System (LMS). Open-source LMSs like Moodle can be customized in a cost-effective manner as per your requirements.

Proper training goes a long way in securing sensitive information and prevents data leakages which could result in considerable financial loss and the reputation of your organization taking a beating. Hope you find this post informative. Do share your views.

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