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7 Cool Websites for Free Graphics for Rapid eLearning Courses

Graphics play a significant role in the success of an eLearning course, and it’s not any different in rapid eLearning. Robust instructional design strategies – relating to both content as well as visual are equally important in rapid eLearning as well. Are you looking for looking for graphics in rapid eLearning that are quite different from the collection of characters, images, and backgrounds you normally use? Get your eLearning developers to make use of these cool websites that offer free graphic resources.

Check these 7 Amazing Graphic Websites

1. Pixabay for a Variety of Graphics

An extremely popular website with over 1.6 million photos and videos that are free for use in your eLearning courses. Stock photos and videos can be copied, modified, and used for commercial purposes, absolutely free.

You can search for images by their category, size, orientation, and color. It’s a good option to begin exploring images that are the editor’s choice. You can also search images by photographers and cameras.

Screenshot of Pixabay website

What do I like about Pixabay?

It’s the variety of photos, vector graphics, illustrations, and videos it offers. If you’re looking for a variety of graphics in your eLearning course, this site can meet your requirement. Be it realistic pictures or cartoons, this site offers a range of graphics that’s unmatched by most other free sites. Now who wouldn’t like a variety of graphics in rapid eLearning courses?

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2. Freeimages for Stock Photos

A modern website that has a collection of over 380,000 free stock photos for personal as well as commercial use. When you are considering graphics in rapid eLearning, you might want to look at images that can be used in training programs for a particular industry, and this site does not disappoint.

Be it an eLearning course for the healthcare industry or the manufacturing industry, Freeimages offers photos classified under various categories that can be leveraged to make rapid eLearning development truly rapid.

Screenshot of Freeimages website

What do I like about Freeimages?

This site offers the functionality to search for pictures by a particular photographer or one that’s shot using a specific camera.

3. Unsplash for High-resolution Graphics

Are you looking for high-resolution graphics in rapid eLearning? Then, this is the go-to site for professionally captured photos. Browse graphics under various categories or explore the Collections option on the site to view beautiful HD pictures that are free for use.

The images in Unsplash are shared under the Common Creative Zero license which means they are free to use even for commercial purposes.

Screenshot of Unsplash website

What do I like about UnSplash?

It’s the curation of high-quality images that can enhance rapid eLearning. Want to include pictures on the galaxy, retro and vintage images, or perhaps aerial photography? Take a look at the collection of pictures in this site.

4. unDraw for Scalable Vector Graphics

Vector images are often used not just as interesting graphics in rapid eLearning courses, but also as logos and icons that are relevant to your learning content.

unDraw has a beautiful collection of Scalable vector graphics (SVGs) that are free to use without giving an attribution to the creator. SVGs are the rage considering the rise in popularity of mobile learning courses. The small file size and scalability of SVGs make them a favorite when you are looking for graphics that are apt for responsive rapid eLearning.

Screenshot of unDraw website

What I like about unDraw?

The ability to download SVGs and a feature that’s called on-the-fly color image generation. eLearning developers have the flexibility to change the color of the image to match the branding guidelines followed in the eLearning course.

5. thenounproject for Icons

A really cool website that offers a repository of over a million vector icons. The site offers free as well as paid membership, the only difference is in a free membership you’ll have to give credit to the icon’s designer before you use it in your rapid eLearning course. You can download the icons in SVG and PNG formats. A paid membership on the website gives you the rights to use the icons without having to credit the icon’s creator.

Screenshot of thenounproject website

What I like about thenounproject?

You can download icons as many times as you want and also change the color of the icons. You can also choose a color from anywhere on the screen using the color dropper and change the color of the icon that you plan to use in your rapid eLearning course.

6. Gratisography for Creative Pictures

A website that claims to offer the world’s best collection of quirky and creative images. Looking for some creative graphics in rapid eLearning courses? This site is worth exploring. The collection of images under each category may not be many, but if you are looking for graphics your audience will instantly warm up to, you are sure to find Gratisography charming.

Screenshot of Gratisography website

What I like about Gratisography?

It offers images that are different from other similar websites. So, if you’re looking for something unique or quirky, give this site a try.

7. New Old Stock for Vintage Photos

Looking for historical pictures to include in your eLearning course? You may not need to do this often in eLearning, but if you are looking for vintage images, this is the site to check. There are no categories to browse through, but you can subscribe to download photo packs that contain vintage images that are optimized and edited for quick use in your eLearning project. All the images may not be available for commercial use, though a majority are.

Screenshot of New Old Stock website

What I like about New Old Stock?

The site concentrates only on vintage pictures, recapturing a slice of history. So, if you want the vintage look for graphics in rapid eLearning courses (at least for a couple of slides in the course), you might find something interesting here.

As of now, all these sites offer free graphics that can enhance your rapid eLearning courses. But be sure to check the individual websites before your go ahead and use these images in commercial projects. Have you used any of the websites mentioned in this blog? Or do you know of a website that offers free graphic resources that can be leveraged for rapid eLearning? Do let us know through the Comments section.

Wrapping it up!

As of now, all these sites offer free graphics that can enhance your rapid eLearning courses. But be sure to check the individual websites before your go ahead and use these images in commercial projects. Rapid eLearning implementation can be tricky. This comprehensive handbook can be a guide to impactful rapid eLearning development. Grab a copy now!

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