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Signs of a Good Interactive E-learning Software

Organizations need to develop a large number of e-learning modules quickly and at a low cost. These stringent requirements cannot be fulfilled using Flash and other tools, which require specialized skills to work with. Hence, organizations are increasingly relying on interactive e-learning software to expedite the online training development process.

Interactive e-learning software makes use of pre-defined templates, themes and interactions that can be easily integrated with your e-learning course. You can refurbish your company’s existing training material and other multimedia to flawlessly create new courses. This significantly decreases the development time of the course and maximizes your company’s resources. These tools allow for quick updates and revisions to your e-learning course design, helping your training stay up-to-date in these fast-changing times.

Since the inbuilt design elements are attractive and have good interactive values, learners experience increased engagement and interest in the topic. The course created through interactive e-learning software is goal-oriented, that focuses on the core ideas and concepts, which in turn increases knowledge retention. Courses created with these tools are usually compatible with all the latest devices and operating systems. The best part is that you don’t need any prior experience or training to use these tools, meaning, anyone can create top-notch learning courses. All of these factors make these highly cost effective and thus favorable for all practical purposes.

Since there is a wide range of interactive e-learning software in the market, choosing the right one becomes very critical for the success of your training program. Below are some the factors you should consider in making the right choice:

Ease of Use

Select a tool that gives you maximum creative freedom, without compromising on the simplicity of the functionality. Tools may allow you to control every element of the e-learning design, but they may become too complicated for their own good. On the other hand, easy to use software might give you very limited freedom. So strike a balance and make the right choice.

Consider Your Outcome

Envision how the final course will look like. Get a rough outline of the elements you would like to use throughout the course. Do you want to include reality-based scenarios or several video presentations to appeal to your target audience? Knowing what elements you are going to include and what result you hope to achieve with them are the keys in finding the ideal interactive e-learning software.

Design for Your Learners

What are the best methods through which your target audience is going to grasp the required information? Analyze the needs and wants of your audience before zeroing in on an e-learning development software. Take into account if your course requires tracking of learner data and performance. Some e-learning authoring tools have detailed tracking capabilities that can give you great insight on your learners’ progress throughout the course. Only after determining all these factors should you go ahead with your selection.

Latest Technological Specifications

Make sure that the e-learning authoring tool you choose is going to be compatible across all devices and operating systems. This ensures seamless accessibility of your courses and results in a much wider reach. With the increase in the prominence of m-learning, it is crucial that your course is mobile-friendly too. Compatibility with your learning management system is also of great importance since it directly relates to user experience.

Listed below are some interactive e-learning software, along with their key features, which are taking course development to a new level:

  • Adobe Captivate 9: One of the most well-respected HTML5 e-learning authoring tools, with lots of great features, an intuitive user interface and a massive interaction library.
  • Articulate Storyline 360: Optimization and mobile responsiveness for playback on all devices, ease of use along with a good number of advanced features. It boasts fast simulation building tools that make it one of the most reliable interactive e-learning software.
  • Elucidat: It can create legally compliant courses that are accessible across all devices. It offers a massive image library, hassle-free localization and powerful analytics and customization tools.
  • Lectora Inspire: It offers a lot of options for custom animations and abundant editing options for greater creative control.
  • iSpring: A brilliant HTML5 e-learning authoring tool that is integrated into your MS PowerPoint, allowing you to convert simple presentations and slides into full-fledged eLearning courses. iSpring Suite includes a Learning Management System as well.

Keep in mind that it’s important to establish your e-learning on strong instructional design principles. Authoring tools help you bring these principles to life, and choosing the right one can make it easier for you to build the most compelling, learner-friendly courses.

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