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4 Best HTML5 E-learning Authoring Tools

According to Cisco’s BYOD Insights report in 2013, every 9 out of 10 Americans use their smartphones for their work. The utilization of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets is increasing by the day in almost all aspects of our lives.

Understanding these changing preferences of massive usage of mobile devices, organizations are starting to invest in developing eLearning courses that are compatible with mobile devices. Mobile learning provides easy access to learning at any place and any time, which is more convenient to the learners. Learners have an advantage of spending their free time during travelling, in between meetings, or during weekends to focus on a subject they want to learn.

How to make your legacy courses that are usually developed using the Flash tool to work on mobile devices? The solution is you can make the courses HTML5 compatible and they can be accessible on smart phones and tablets. Nowadays, most of the eLearning professionals from all around the globe are using HTML5 to deliver mobile learning.

We have been developing HTML5-compatible courses to many of our clients and also converting their existing courses to HTML5 using rapid authoring tools. There are many tools that can convert your Flash-based courses to HTML5. Here, I have listed some popular HTML5 authoring tools that we have used to develop those courses.

Articulate Storyline

Articulate Storyline is a tool that can make your eLearning interactive and HTML5 compatible in a short duration. Storyline allows publishing of courses to Flash, HTML5 and Articulate mobile player, a native iOS application that is used to access the courses on iPad.
You can choose HTML5 output to work on mobile devices.

Adobe Captivate 7

Adobe Captivate 7 is the upgraded version from Adobe. Adobe Captivate has publishing options to Flash and HTML5. It has an ability to detect learner’s device and automatically deliver the appropriate version.

iSpring Presenter

iSpring is a user friendly tool that allows you to convert PowerPoint to HTML5. It is an add-on in PowerPoint. You can convert and play PowerPoint presentations in mobile devices and iPad using iSpring pro. You can also convert PowerPoint presentations to video formats supported by smartphones and tablets.

Lectora Inspire

Lectora is a user-friendly authoring tool used to develop courses with heavy content and highly engaged courses. It can deliver courses that are compatible to smart phones and tablets. It enables you to create simple interactive elements.

There are still many other tools that can help you in developing HTML 5 courses. But these are the ones that we have used. I hope you found this blog informative. Do share your views.

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