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Advantages of MP4 for eLearning Videos [Infographic]

Conversion of Flash courses is a requirement that arises when you are trying to migrate old Flash-based content to HTML5. How do you ensure that Flash-based eLearning courses – those without source files – are available for learners to access on their mobile devices? The solution lies in converting them to eLearning video in the MP4 format using the ‘Record’ conversion strategy.

MP4 is a standard developed by MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group) and is used to share video files over the Internet. When you’re converting Flash to HTML5, and decide to use the ‘Record’ conversion option, the output in MP4 format makes it HTML5-compatible. The advantage this offers is that videos can be used as part of your mobile learning strategy.

Because eLearning videos in MP4 format can store sub-titles, it can be used to train a multilingual workforce. That’s one smart move to cut down on cost involved in incorporating translated audio to match the eLearning video.

Here’s an infographic that not only highlights the benefits of using MP4 in Flash to HTML5 conversions but also the advantages it offers for eLearning videos.

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Advantages of MP4 for E-learning Videos [Infographic]

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