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Planning to Implement eLearning? Have You Identified the Impostors? [Slideshare]

If there is one thing that COVID-19 has done, it’s bringing the word ‘eLearning’ to every corporate training management. As learners were pushed to the confines of their homes, eLearning became the mainstream training strategy cum tool for corporates. But confusion prevailed, especially in organizations new to implementing eLearning . “How do we know what eLearning is and what it is not?” That is what I am here to answer.

Watching this webinar will make you an eLearning champion. Click here to download.

There is no shortcut to eLearning design and development, and that is why a webpage made out of your old classroom handouts does not count as eLearning. Nor does a recording of a virtual training session. E-learning for corporate training is just what you would expect from a regular training session – engaging and in depth and teaching and training, interspersed with questions (formative assessments) and ending with a Final Quiz (summative assessment). So you can’t just reuse classroom materials as is. You have to go for classroom to eLearning conversion.

So the next time you think of reusing old classroom content, know that eLearning courses actually have specific learning objectives, which increases their effectiveness. Do your old class materials have the same?

Here is a SlideShare that will help you understand the differences between eLearning and something masquerading as one. Scroll down to check that out.



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