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Top 6 eLearning Resources for L&D Managers to Check Out This New Year 2023

Hey L&D folks!! The year 2023 is about to start and everyone is looking forward to making the most out of it. Just like any other department, L&D has also been on the rise, whether it is about improving the productivity of the employees or adapting to new technologies. Apart from celebrations, starting your new year with a productive mindset will help you have continuous learning throughout the year. To assist you with that, I have chosen the top 6 eLearning resources from our repository that can turn out to be most productive and impactful for you.

The Top 6 eLearning Resources for L&D Managers to Check Out in 2023

1. eLearning Trends for 2023! The View from the Trenches

Let’s start with one of the latest webinars we conducted, and it has a lot of key takeaways to help you start your new year with a great impact. This webinar addressed the major areas of work impacted by training and how L&D plays a crucial role to enhance the productivity of employees. There are various skill sets that need to be mastered by the L&D teams of organizations to keep up with the competitive work environment and most of those skills are discussed in the webinar. You will also get effective insights about the role of AI, some popular AI tools, various rapid eLearning accelerators, and a roadmap to effective training for 2023.

2. A Training Manager’s Handbook to Rapid E-learning Development

Time and money, the two forever crucial and indispensable aspects, can impact your training if not taken into consideration. Rapid eLearning does exactly that, it helps you design top-quality eLearning courses on a limited budget and under compact deadlines. This eBook can help you understand the various aspects of rapid eLearning and how you can stay ahead of the competition. You will get a brief idea of how you can make your training programs profitable and impactful, various authoring tools used in rapid eLearning development, and the further processes that follow to scale your training to greater heights this 2023.

3. 32 eHacks to Jumpstart Your eLearning

eLearning is one of the popular formats to deliver training to a global workforce, and its versatility is one of the reasons that has made it so popular. There are various platforms where hundreds or even thousands of eLearning courses are taken by numerous learners across the world. Keeping this in mind, most organizations are including this training format in their kitty. If you are too planning to go for it, this eBook will help you kickstart your eLearning journey with the 32 eHacks. Aspects such as converting ILT to eLearning, using eLearning authoring tools effectively, and outsourcing your eLearning development are explained in this eBook. Have a read and get the most out of eLearning this new year.

4. Instructional Design Strategies to Design Engaging E-learning Courses

When eLearning courses are designed, it’s the instructional design that makes or breaks their engagement and productivity. This eBook discusses the various aspects and concepts of instructional design (ID) and how multiple new-age strategies are effectively aligned with learning objectives. Instructional design strategies incorporate multiple interactivities and assessments to make the courses highly engaging for the modern workforce and this eBook will help you implement these strategies successfully to create your rapid eLearning courses. So, this new year dazzle your eLearning courses with the powerpack ID strategies.

5. Blended Learning: A Guide to Boost Employee Performance

There are so many training formats such as eLearning, virtual instructor-led training(VILT), microlearning, etc, that are buzzing in the corporate L&D world. No wonder, you might get confused about which format can get the best results for them. As a solution to this, you can mix these strategies and techniques and create your personalized blend to suit the needs of your workforce and make training an enriching experience. This eBook will take you through the various elements and the processes involved in designing blended learning programs to boost employee performance and maximize their productivity at work.

6. Become an eLearning Champion by R.K. Prasad

So far, I have talked about various training formats and how they are mixed and matched together to provide an enhanced learning experience to employees globally. When you get all the steps and practices correct, you pave your path to being an eLearning champion and stand tall among your competitors in the corporate world. This eBook will help you do exactly that as it shares various insights about business goals and how they are aligned with learning objectives, how to start designing eLearning from scratch, and how to create a productive learning culture within an organization. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a copy and get set go to become an eLearning Champion this 2023.

Wrapping Up!

For the year 2023, the role of L&D is extremely crucial for organizations to stay productive and retain their talent. As a new year’s gift, I have shared 6 amazing eLearning resources to help you get your L&D initiatives to reach greater heights. This is not all. We at CommLab India bring you an exclusive e-store to match your L&D needs. Check out our store to get access to various eBooks, game templates, and other interesting eLearning resources. Don’t miss it!!

CommLab India wishes you a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2023!