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Key Benefits of Outsourcing eLearning for Corporate Training

Rapid eLearning has made a break in the corporate L&D space with the need to roll out eLearning courses quicker. However, developing comprehensive courses in today’s fast-paced world is no easy job. Consequently, many corporations end up relying on outsourcing the development of their eLearning courses.

However, there are also many companies that prefer developing their eLearning courses in house, keeping in mind their internal goals, values, and objectives. However, they’re missing out on a lot of benefits that they could get by simply outsourcing the course development process.

Do you want to know the benefits you could gain by outsourcing eLearning? Let’s look at them here!

Why You Need eLearning Outsourcing?

eLearning became the norm a few years back. However, it was after the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world that remote working and digitization boomed. As a result, organizations with L&D programs felt the need to strengthen their eLearning courses and platforms.

Corporate training, however, has to be fast-paced and instructors cannot wait for too long for new tools to be launched on inconsistent dates. Therefore, L&D teams saw the rise of eLearning outsourcing in recent years. Most businesses outsource their research, or design process but only a few outsource their entire eLearning design and development requirements.

Reaching out to professional eLearning partner organizations that have the required experience and expertise has multiple benefits. Not only do organizations get more courses than they would consider developing using their own limited resources, but they also get expert output. Let’s discuss this here!

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Why You Should Outsource eLearning?

By now, you know why organizations started outsourcing eLearning. However, are you wondering if doing so will benefit your organizational needs? Let’s learn about the benefits of outsourcing eLearning!

1. Unburden Your SMEs

Your L&D program would have a few SMEs (subject matter experts). If you follow some sort of traditional classroom instruction, they’re the ones developing and possibly even imparting training. In having to prepare and conduct training sessions, they’d have a lot on their plate.

However, if you begin designing your eLearning courses in house, you’ll definitely have to load your SMEs with more content and your changing requirements.

When you outsource eLearning courses, this problem goes away. Your subject matter experts can rest easy as eLearning outsourcing reduces their involvement in the eLearning design and development process.

2. Lower Costs

One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing eLearning is that you can secure high-quality courses at a lower cost.

No, this doesn’t mean that you’ll be barely paying the people you’re outsourcing to. Rather, these people already have the tools and skills needed to develop rapid eLearning. They can use their tools built-in templates and asset libraries to expedite course development process which is extremely cost-effective.

You can reduce costs by not recruiting, hiring, and training people just to design eLearning courses in house.

3. Provide a Fresh Perspective

If you begin developing eLearning courses using your organization’s expertise, there’s a huge chance you’ll be taking advice and perspective from your team of employees. However, the problem here is that everyone in your organization is likely to have similar skill sets, perspectives, and design aesthetic.

When you outsource eLearning, you essentially don’t just get assets, you also get the intellectual property of the course developers. This way, you get to integrate new and innovative perspectives to your training program.

4. Quicken Turnaround

The best thing about eLearning outsourcing is that partner organizations have the required skills that allow them to develop courses quickly. Therefore, you can increase the turnaround time based on your partner’s speed of production.

5. Quicken Scale Up

Your organization’s scale up of the development process can be closely related to how quickly your employees upskill. When they get new courses in quick succession, they also learn faster and gain knowledge they didn’t bargain for.

eLearning courses are ready for upcoming batches, compared to classroom instruction that regularly requires an instructor. Therefore, your L&D program is constantly moving forward!

6. Lower Risks

It doesn’t matter how sophisticated the technology is you use. As long as you are using tech, you need to know that it’s susceptible to errors. Therefore, when you’re trying to create eLearning courses in house, you need to be prepared to make mistakes.

Faulty equipment, security threats, coding errors, and compatibility issues, are a few issues that come with using technology that you might need to troubleshoot. Working with and solving them can be extremely time consuming and cost intensive.

However, if you outsource eLearning, this is taken care of by your outsourcing partner, and you don’t have to deal with it.

7. Give a Competitive Edge

When your organization constantly has something new to train your employees with, you get a competitive edge. After all, no other organization would get as much content on the table as you.

As you’d be saving time and money, you can put it aside or utilize it in crucial ways to better achieve your business goals!

8. Enable Easy Management

There’s an indirect benefit of outsourcing eLearning and that’s organizational management becoming much simpler.

You could hire eLearning experts such as SMEs or project managers who take care of the process of eLearning outsourcing to ensure timely and quality courses. This way, you could utilize the time and money you save, in such cases, into better management procedures.

Another important factor to note is that now you’ve the time to focus on your role, knowing full well that your eLearning courses reach you on time!

Summing Up

eLearning is one of the best ways of leveraging the power of and advancing technology in your firm. It’s also the best way to handle blended learning preferences and hybrid work models.

With the vital demand for technology enabled training, eLearning outsourcing is the best way to meet the upskilling and reskilling needs of your organization. And by now, you know the various ways that outsourcing could benefit you.

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