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3 Steps for Implementing eLearning in your Organization [Infographic]

If there’s one thing the COVID-19 pandemic has made obviously clear about corporate L&D, it’s the need for complete digitization. Enter eLearning!

While eLearning is not exactly a new concept (it has been a booming billion dollar business before the outbreak), the demand for it has accelerated even more in the past few months. Organizations that solely relied on in-person classroom training are now trying to lessen training disruptions by shifting to virtual training methods – synchronous (Virtual Instructor-led Training or VILT) or asynchronous (eLearning).

With unprecedented situations, it is now clearer than ever that ILT to eLearning migration is not only the need of the hour but also one of the best ways to future-proof workplace training. However, eLearning implementation can be a cumbersome process, if not done correctly.

I understand, implementing any sort of a change in an organization is not easy, especially at a time when the entire workforce is not sharing the same physical space. To implement eLearning successfully, you need meticulous planning. You have to identify the learning needs, assess the readiness of your employees as well as the organization, work to get stakeholders’ approval, determine the scale of rapid eLearning development, and put everything on paper (make it official, so to speak!).

Read our blog to find a 7-step guide for successful eLearning implementation.

Here’s an infographic highlighting the 3 major steps in implementing an eLearning strategy in your organization.

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eLearning for Corporate Training: 3 Steps to Make it a Success

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