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3 Main Reasons eLearning Curriculums are Successful

Do you wish to deliver comprehensive training to your people, online? Are you looking to make the best use of the technology-enabled learning format? Would you like to impart the winning web-based training to your staff, with varying levels of knowledge? You need to go for e-learning curriculums.

What is an E-learning Curriculum? 

Before we move forward, it is necessary to understand what a curriculum is. A curriculum is a set of courses that cover a particular subject, and each course covers a specific topic. For instance, a curriculum on Food and Drug Administration (FDA) comprises several courses, each dealing with topics such as product jurisdiction, regulation of combination products, and so on. A course is further made up of lessons, each dealing with a learning objective.

An e-learning curriculum comprises a group of bite-sized online learning modules, each less than 10 minutes in duration and presenting the content of a lesson. When the learner completes all the microlearning modules, he would have completed the web-based curriculum.

What are the Benefits of E-learning Curriculums?

1. Learners can be Trained Comprehensively in an Effective Manner

Web-based learning curriculums are made up of micro e-learning modules. These short online learning modules eliminate the need to develop lengthy online courses that present the entire content. For example, instead of developing a 100-minute web-based course on product jurisdiction, you can divide its content into 20 learning nuggets, each with a span of five minutes. Most new age learners will find these bite-sized modules easy to digest, given their limited ability to remain focused.

2. Delivery of Training on Mobile Devices is Made Easy and Convenient

In recent years, there has been an explosive growth in the number of connected mobile devices, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. The huge increase in the number of “mobile web” users is compelling organizations to adopt mobile learning solutions in a big way. Online learning curriculums, made up of several microlearning modules, can be accessed easily on a mobile device. Learners find it convenient to go through one web-based learning nugget at a time, on their mobile devices.

3. Training can be Imparted in a Highly Flexible Manner

You can meet the learning needs of your staff members, with varying levels of knowledge and proficiency, very effectively through e-learning curriculums. Some modules of a web-based curriculum could cover the fundamentals of a subject, while others could deal with advanced concepts. Learners familiar with the basics, may choose to skip the modules dealing with the fundamentals and proceed directly to the “advanced” modules. Furthermore, you can use the bite-sized modules in multiple online curriculums. One of our clients in the automotive space uses a bite-sized module covering the basic features of a SUV in e-learning curriculums for salespeople as well as service staff.

We thus see that web-based learning curriculums go a long way in delivering comprehensive training to your employees, in a flexible and convenient way. So, go ahead and harness the power of e-learning curriculums.

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