Changing the Paradigm from Classroom to eLearning [Infographic]

Are your employees eLearning ready? Check the steps you should take to promote eLearning before introducing a complete online training program.

Published on Updated on January 21 2020

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Changing the Paradigm from Classroom to eLearning [Infographic]

Did you watch the new Star Wars movie trailer? It’s amazing! I can’t wait for the movie to come out. Okay … I did not mean to rave about movies here. But imagine if your employees were this excited about the new eLearning course they are enrolled for. Or at the very least, imagine them being acceptable and amicable toward online training instead of groaning when you mention it. Sounds impossible? We have a solution.

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To solve this problem, first you need to understand why employees are not always welcoming toward eLearning. While training has been an integral part of corporate workplace, until recent years it was dominated by instructor-led classroom sessions. Any radical change, especially when it involves technology, meets resistance from employees.

Will training be effective without an instructor? Do we need to be tech-savvy to operate online training? Will eLearning courses have the same information and impact as a manual or book? These are among the several questions that hold employees back from accepting eLearning. What you need to do is answer these questions and reduce employees’ apprehensions. You’ll need to acclimatize employees before introducing a full-fledged online training program. This infographic will help you achieve this shift from ILT to eLearning.

Changing the Paradigm from Classroom to eLearning [Infographic]
Blended Learning: A Guide to Boost Employee Performance
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