Converting ILT to eLearning: The Ultimate Time-tested Process [Infographic]


Why should you convert your ILT programs to eLearning curriculums? Is there a time-tested process to follow for the conversion? Check this infographic for the answers.

E-learning Development Process

Classroom training continues to remain a popular training methodology in corporate training. But the fact remains that learners tend to forget the instructions delivered through a classroom training program, unless reinforcement of training is provided at regular intervals.

Also, classroom training is not a feasible solution if you are considering training employees in diverse locations. That’s the reason many organizations opt for the conversion of ILT to learning. This conversion could either be part of the classroom training or the complete training program delivered as an eLearning curriculum.

eLearning curriculums can boost the completion rate of training programs. Letting employees access online training on their mobile devices gives them a chance to continue learning even outside the office.

How do you begin the process of ILT to eLearning conversion? Here’s an infographic that tells you why converting ILT to eLearning curriculums makes sense and also gives you a time-tested process for conversion.

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Converting ILT to eLearning: The Ultimate Time-tested Process [Infographic]

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