CommLab India’s 2015-16 Achievements [Infographic]

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CommLab India a leading e-learning organization or rather a closely knit family – as the employees would like to call it, delights in every achieved milestone, celebrates the successes and strives for continual improvement. In the year 2015-16, CommLab India has pulled in 20 new global customers, delivered more than 500 hours of e-learning in 30 international languages, conducted 1500 hours of collaborative learning and more.

Just when you thought it doesn’t get any better, it does. CommLab India has served around 5000 people who were in need, in 2015, with hand cooked meals. CommLab India takes pride in stating this as an achievement as it considers the welfare of the people as important as the achievement of other business goals of the organization.

Check out the Infographic CommLab India’s 2015-16 achievements, which depicts the achievements of CommLab India.

CommLab India’s 2015-16 Achievements [Infographic]

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