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Celebrating 75 Years of Indian Independence and the Freedom of Corporate Learning!

We at Commlab India wish you a very Happy 75th Independence Day. May this and all the coming years are filled with privilege, gratitude, and promise. Independence Day is a very special time of the year for everyone. We feel a sense of pride as we look back at the glorious history of India and all that we have achieved to become one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. From the successful attempt of Mangalyaan (India’s first aircraft to Mars) to vaccinating the entire population of India during the Covid 19 pandemic. There is nothing that we can’t do.

Apart from these, our country has many achievements to its credit. Since its Independence, Modern India has focused on the growth of every sector, especially Science and Technology. Looking back at the overall development of our country, it is astonishing!  Seeing how India has evolved since its Independence reminds us of how training and development have been an integral part of its growth and developed rapidly too.

It was hard to imagine that we could ever get out of classroom training but look at us now, we have come a long way over some time.  Most learners do not wish to go back to traditional training methods even after the pandemic has begun to ebb. Why? Because we have tasted the freedom and flexibility provided by eLearning.

On this Independence Day let us explore how the paradigm shift from classroom to eLearning has impacted the training world and helped us break free from the rigid schedules and traditional learning methods.

Go through the webinar recording to explore how you can replicate the classroom activities in the virtual space

From Then to Now…

From Whiteboard to Computer Screens:

It is hard to imagine the changes we have witnessed over time. But all these changes have proved to be good for us as learners. People would have laughed if someone said that you can complete a training sitting in the comfort of your home. Well! It is a reality now. As Learning is evolving rapidly, organizations are updating their learning programs to be on par with the latest trends. Different online learning formats like microlearning, VILT, etc. have given learners, the independence to learn from anywhere and at any time. eLearning has helped us get independent from monotony, and provided us with a completely different way of learning.

From Lengthy Classroom Material to Multi-Device And Multi-Browser Compatible Courses:

It is not only the computers or laptops now; you can complete your training from any device. Yes! It is possible. Waiting for your coffee, why don’t you complete a training module? Traveling? Yeah well, let’s complete another training module. Bored of long monotonous courses? Make microlearning your new friend. It is that easy and flexible now.

Elements like gamification, presentation, videos, etc. add sophistication and effectiveness to learning. Microlearning offers bite-sized information to the learners which help to retain what they have learned and to help them attain new knowledge. Akin to microlearning many eLearning formats provide the learners freedom to learn from any device, at the same time making learning more engaging.

From Rigid Training Schedule to Self-Paced Learning:

Remember the days you had a strict training schedule to follow? Those full calendars were a nightmare! By the time we could wrap our heads around the current topic, something new had come up already. Well, not anymore eLearning has offered us a new sense of freedom and flexibility. Instead of focusing on what needs to be taught to everyone, learning is now more focused on individual learning needs and preferences.

Instead of a rigid schedule and fixed sessions with a trainer, learners now have an option to complete the training at their own pace. As we are aware that everyone has different learning rates, the flexibility offered by eLearning works for everyone.

From Learning Focused to Learner Focused:

Earlier the focus was on what you need to learn, it has now shifted to who is learning. Surprisingly it has made learning more effective. Organizations are more focused on identifying learners’ needs and designing learning modules based on the types of learners and their learning needs. The majority of the modern workforce includes gen Z, they love technology, and they are a generation who has the habit of getting things at their fingertips. For them learning is not only about completing the courses, it is a whole journey. Hence, organizations are putting a lot of effort to match the learner’s preference and the topic at hand.

Online learning provides various strategies based on learners’ needs like eLearning, mobile-learning, micro-learning, VILT, videos, etc. Well, Personalized learning does not sound very alien now. Different formats provide different benefits. The focus now is to build on the existing knowledge of learners while identifying their areas of weakness and working on them. By filling such gaps in learning, organizations have seen overall success in learning and development.

Independence to us Means…

Independence means different things to different people. For us as learners it means the freedom to connect, learn and apply our knowledge, flexibility to learn at our own pace, breaking free from rigid schedules, and gaining knowledge for our overall growth. Learning & Development teams are up and at par with the latest learning trends and there are happy learners now.

L&D leaders worldwide are also focused to build a learning culture by promoting digitization. Learning and development teams also aim for learners who are updated and tech-savvy. AR/VR, AI, and learning automation have also become a part of training, to create an immersive training environment. The plan is to create an impact and broaden our horizons. Want to be a part of it? Join the Learnflux experience and explore the world of training with the best in business.

Happy ‘Independent’ Learning!

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