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9 Key Benefits of Instructor-Led Training for Corporate Learners

Instructor-led training (ILT) has been around since the beginning of the training function. Before technology came and revolutionized the format of training, classroom sessions were the norm, supplemented by reading materials that participants went through as a prerequisite for the classroom sessions. Let’s look at a few unique features of ILTs.

Advantages of ILTs for Corporate Learners

ILTs offer many powerful advantages and unique benefits to learners including the following:

  • Face-to-face interactions with the instructor and real-time discussions are powerful ways to learn. Having an expert answer questions instantly and validate learners’ understanding of the subject are key aspects of ILTs.
  • Receiving real-time feedback in the classroom also facilitates and reinforces learning.
  • The instructor can adapt how he or she teaches based on the learners’ levels of understanding. Even the slowest of learners can be accommodated by an experienced instructor.
  • Classroom training allows individual attention from the instructor; an individualized approach cannot be duplicated in online training.
  • ILTs provide the opportunity for learners to make mistakes in a controlled environment.
  • ILTs provide the all-important “human touch,” which is often missing in eLearning, unless it is synchronous eLearning.

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  • Group interactions enhance learning, with employees learning from one another as well as from the instructor. There is also a kind of learning that results through synergy, which is not possible through eLearning.
  • ILTs help in learning kinesthetic skills – skills that need learning by doing. Imagine learning swimming or handling a piece of machinery through simulations alone!
  • Motivation levels are likely to be higher, with less dropout rates. Many people also learn better in a face-to-face instruction session.

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Final Thoughts

Despite technology changing the face of training forever, ILTs continue to be one of the most popular mediums of training. Some of the benefits they offer are tremendous, and really, sometimes there is no substitute for ILTs when it comes to the sheer effectiveness of certain types of content covered through classroom training.

Though in today’s time, most organizations are switching to eLearning to impart training, classroom training or ILT remains a significant format, especially under the blended learning umbrella. Are you keen to know more about the state of learning today and beyond? Download this report now for deep insights.
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