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7 Benefits of ILT Programs You Cannot Ignore

In part 1 of this blog we outlined the benefits ILT training brings to both organizations and employees. We spelt out the reasons for the better quality of ILT training. The biggest advantage of ILT training is its potential to provide a personalized learning experience. A classroom training session provides a unique learning experience at an individual level. Let’s explore a few more aspects in this blog.

Adapts to learner’s needs

The training session can adjust to the needs of the learner. Skilled instructors can customize the content based on the knowledge level of the participants and the best part is that they can do it on the spot. For instance if the course is about using a software program, for learners with knowledge of computers, the instructor can directly go to methods of using the program, while for learners with no knowledge, the instructor can start from the basic level. They can improvise the content or change their teaching methods based on the needs of the learners.

Helps build personal relationships

Training helps learners build a personal equation with the instructor and other participants. Learners can share experiences with the instructor. He can provide personal coaching and reinforcement to the participants as and when they need it.

The classroom environment acts as the perfect ground for interacting with fellow participants. In fact, learners gain more knowledge by interacting with fellow participants in informal conversations in the classroom and outside it during breaks or over lunch. This face-to face interaction with the instructors and other participants helps learners learn something extra apart from what they have learnt in the classroom.

Builds dialogue

A classroom training session allows learners to establish a dialogue with the instructor. They can immediately ask the instructor any questions to clarify their doubts. It is possible to ask follow-up questions and engage in a discussion with the instructor and other participants. Such dialogue helps not only the participant asking the question, but also other learners who can gain from the conversation.

Develops collaborative learning

Developing on the previous point, a classroom session allows the learners to learn from each other. The environment provides opportunities for group discussions and learning from one another. The ideas and knowledge of the participants are evaluated by the instructor as well as other learners. The discussions encourage a critical look at the knowledge learners have and modify them based on the discussion. The instructor assumes the role of a facilitator during such discussions. Group discussions in classrooms are a precursor of collaborative learning. The group setting teaches learners how to interact with each other in a productive and cooperative way.

Breaks down barriers

A classroom session brings together people from different locations, departments and business units together for a training session. When learners from different backgrounds come together, the barriers are broken This is relevant to new hire training where employees from various backgrounds and places come together to learn about the organization. This in turn encourages dialogue between them and sets the tone for co-operation at work. A new perspective on solving problems or resolving issues is gained through discussion with people in other business units during a classroom session.

This breakdown of barriers leads to the formation of friendships that will continue beyond the training session to promote better cooperation among different business units for the benefit of the organization.

Builds a personal network

A classroom training session gives opportunities for people to come together and get to know each other and build a personal network. This gives opportunities to learn, enrich their knowledge and build a network for future needs.

Provides change

An ILT session that is conducted away from the environment learners are familiar with. Employees enjoy being away from their regular work environment and appreciate the change of pace or a break from the routine. Placing the learners in an environment that is away from the comfort zone can also be a good learning experience. Some employees even feel that qualifying for a classroom training session is a mark of recognition of their work, they attach a feel-good factor to it.

A classroom or ILT session provides a better learning experience at the individual level. It not only provides an enriching learning experience and gives opportunities for collaborative learning. There are more opportunities for learners to get a personalized learning experience, build a dialogue and personal relationship with the instructor and other learners. The training breaks down barriers and paves the way for cooperation beyond the classroom. ILT sessions are nice opportunities to build a personal network and provide a break from the routine when they are held at a different location. What are the other benefits of ILT sessions? Share your thoughts with us.

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