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Online Compliance Training Tips – How Interactive Elements and Assessments Help

For any organization, educating employees on the laws, regulations, and company policies related to their business domain is very critical. By imparting such training, organizations can detect and avoid violations that could lead to legal issues for your company. Be it pharmaceutical regulatory, safety-related OSHO training, or a simple ethical training for corporate employees, any type of compliance training makes your workplace a safer, accountable, and productive space. That’s why a fully complaint workforce adds a great amount of value and credibility to your business, giving you unmatched competitive advantage.

However, let’s not forget that compliance training deals with a highly theoretical subject, hence for learners it soon becomes mundane. If you choose to convey compliance training using conventional text-heavy modules, the interest of your employees won’t be captured to the fullest and proficient knowledge won’t be imparted.

With e-learning courses, you can use various interactive elements and assessments strategies that will help you generate curiosity about your compliance training. Let’s see some of the top benefits interactive elements and assessments bring to your compliance training:

Make Learning a Two-Way Street

When it comes to compliance training, it often happens that employees feel disconnected with the learning content. When content is just displayed on the screen, “talking” to learners, it fails to create a lasting impact on your employees. You can change this by using interactive elements.

It brings your compliance content to life by allowing learners to take actions and see changes based on it. Interactive dials, sliders, trigger-based actions and much more, can be effectively utilized to make your compliance training a two-way street.

Make Learning Fun

All things considered, compliance training can prove to be a mundane task. But by using interactive elements such as game-based learning or gamified content, you can change the face of your compliance training. Creating a fully-playable game around your compliance issues can add 5 stars to your training.

Learners can grasp all the important concepts without having to strain their minds. If you are tight on budget, then you can also just add gaming elements to your course. Something as simple as a progress bar or a point-based system can greatly motivate learners to do better with their compliance training.

Make Training Relatable

One of the biggest pitfalls compliance training faces is that employees cannot relate to it. They cannot accurately visualize a situation where this training will be useful. You can change this by using scenario-based interactive modules. Construct a relatable scenario using characters, backgrounds, and business circumstances.

Add life to it using branched dialogues and voiceovers. Such a learning module can greatly facilitate knowledge transfer as nothing is left to the imagination of your employees. With interactive scenarios, learners are free to make choices, with each one taking them to a unique path.

Make It Shorter               

No one has the time or patience to sit through a long and tedious compliance training process. Interactive elements if used rightly, will make the learning experience pleasurable. Using the right element in the right place can allow you to greatly reduce the duration of your modules.

For e.g., a big section of text can be conveniently reduced to a single scenario that only focuses on key takeaways. Similarly, you can condense a text module into a clickable infographic, which clearly segregates each and every section.

Make Evaluation Meaningful

Assessments for compliance training can prove to be challenging as learners will be eager to finish up this training and move back to their actual jobs. Interactive assessments can help you change this mindset by engaging employees better. Drag and drop, matching activities, click and reveal, and many more interactive assessments can be used to make your learners stay alert through the assessment. Only through a robust assessment can you fully gauge the success of your compliance training, hence you should pay due attention to it.

Compliance training is a strong and essential pillar for the success of your organization. Hire an experienced e-learning vendor who can create a compliance training that covers all the bases.

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