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4 Things You Must Ask an ERP Training Consultant Before Signing the Deal

You have your ERP end-user training on your hands. To outsource or not is the question. You choose the former and start wondering how to select the best training partner. You Google, find a huge list, and try to filter the best one out. But all the websites you see boast the same thing and use similar jargon such as decades of experience, serving many Fortune companies, expertise in using instructional design strategies, and what not. So how do you identify the best from the crowd to fulfill you requirements? I think, asking your prospective training partners the following details would help you zero-in on your choice.

Experience Working on ERP Training Projects

Working on a typical e-learning project is different from working on an ERP end-user training project. You need to make sure that the training partner you choose has a good experience in developing ERP end-user training. You must consider enquiring about the members of the team who would be working on the project. You must ensure the team has instructional and visual designers experienced in working on similar projects and can take on your quality and volume of work. Also, you must enquire of their professional qualifications that prove their caliber.

Sample Courses

You also need to ask for sample courses that are close to what you’re looking for from the prospective training partner. If he has what you are looking for, he will share it with you or may create one using your content. These sample courses would showcase the quality of output they are capable of developing. You can also know if they can develop different levels of simulations needed for effective software training. Most importantly, you can get an idea of whether they can meet your needs and deliver you the output you need. Also, you can judge if the training partner has enhanced technology and offers contemporary solutions to your needs.

References of Previous Clients

Once you review the samples, you can assess the training partner by speaking to a few of his customers. You must ask the training partner to provide a few references of his previous clients, both with similar and different requirements. His readiness to provide these details and the profile of these references will speak volumes about him, even before you actually call or write to these references. Also, the conversations with these references might help you make your decision.

A Prototype

Often, training partners make the mistake of developing the entire course and then showing it to you. This can lead to complete rework if you don’t see your requirements fulfilled in the course. In the worst case, it may even lead to starting from the scratch. So do not fall in this trap and ask the training partner to develop a prototype showcasing a few sample simulations. This will demonstrate their understanding of your requirements and the ability to match them. It reduces rework and ensures smoother development as you rectify the mistakes right at the beginning.

You can, however, go ahead and ask some more questions such as their local representatives in your country, the project management standards they follow, and experience of working on any other related services. The more questions you ask, the more you will know about the training partner and the more likely you are to ink the deal with the perfect one.

Have other questions that’ll help select the right ERP end-user training outsourcing partner? Do add to our list.

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