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New Software Implementation-Overcoming the Resistance to Change [Video]

Constant change of technologies calls for the change in the way organizations implement and adapt to them. Whenever a new process is introduced employees might be reluctant to the change. This resistance needs to be identified and certain measures need to be put into practice for a smooth transition from old to new process adaption. The higher officials of an organization should communicate with the employees about the change which results in the clearance of any uncertainties among them.

Generating awareness among the employees about the benefits of the new process and actively involving them in various workshops would slowly make them adaptable to it.

Want to know more about how you can create awareness and reduce the resistance to change among your employees? Check out the video Software Training Bringing In Change Effectively which gives a brief overview about the following

  • Anticipate the resistance for change
  • Communicate the need for change
  • Make employees aware of the big picture
  • Conduct workshops to involve them
  • Train through byte sized modules and simulations

Access the free video here!


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