Enhance Your Sales Training with Online Learning [Infographic]

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Enhance Your Sales Training with Online Learning [Infographic]

It is common knowledge that well-trained sales teams play a critical role in the success of today’s organizations. According to the Training Industry 2015 report, “an estimated $751,542 was invested in their sales training. The highest priority for training in terms of allocating resources in 2015 was to increase the effectiveness of training programs.” The frequent release of new products, updating existing products or services with new features, and onboarding new sales representatives keep sales training managers always on their toes.

Keeping this in mind, sales managers are moving towards the quickest, cost-effective, and result oriented methodology of training – e-learning. By moving 90% of its training online, the world’s largest research-based pharmaceutical company, Pfizer, saved its product sales training costs by $3 million without compromising on learning.

Wondering how e-learning can improve the effectiveness of your sales training? Check out our infographic below. Hope it helps you embrace e-learning.

Enhance Your Sales Training with Online Learning [Infographic]

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