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3 Instructional Strategies for an Effective Online Compliance Course [Infographic]

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Compliance training is all about educating your employees and making them aware of the laws, rules and regulations they need to follow at work. Imparting training on applicable statutes and norms is beneficial to organizations and employees, as it helps prevent regulatory violations that can result in huge penalties and loss of reputation. However, in many cases, online compliance training courses are mere “page-turners” that fail to impress learners.

Such courses are not effective in facilitating knowledge transfer, and learners find them quite boring. Considering the importance of compliance training, how do you ensure that your learners actively participate in the course? What strategies can be used to design effective online compliance courses? Well, here are 3 instructional strategies that help you to make your online compliance courses effective. Please check them out.

3 Instructional Strategies for an Effective Online Compliance Course [Infographic]

Hope you find them useful.

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