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Spice Up Induction Trainings with Gamified Assessments

Nobody likes to start their first day at work with assessments. The nervousness, tension, hesitation and anxiety associated with a new job are bad enough – to top it all, an induction course with a long assessment that must be attempted can prove to be a bit too much for new hires. But add a game or a game element to the induction training’s ‘assessment’ section, and you could have your new hires smiling even at the end of the course.

Assessments in Induction Training

Though new hires do not anticipate assessments in induction training, they are essential. Onboarding training consists of general training, mandatory training, and job training. Assessments are important to check new hire’s understanding and feedback helps reinforce their learning. Evaluation plays a key role in assessing new employees’ comprehension of the subject.

Assessments in induction training help discuss personal strengths and the areas of development and aspirations. This helps in making the new hires feel valued as individuals with unique potential rather than recruits confined to doing assigned tasks.

Gamify Induction Assessments

Giving assessments in Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) form, True or False questions, Select the right option from the drop down menu are very common and boring formats. Selecting the correct option and pressing the submit button often becomes a monotonous exercise. It will bore the new hires in the induction training itself and leave no scope for him to feel excited and motivated about his job profile and the organization.

Adding gaming elements makes your induction training assessments interesting, engaging and develop a sense of adventure in new hires. Giving leader boards and discussion forums in induction training improves interaction among new hires. Including game mechanics such as medals, badges, levels and prizes ensure more cheerful participation in assessments instead of anxiety and stress.

How to Gamify Assessments?

Instead of giving assessments directly, you can give them at the game drop back or as a part of the game.

For example, let’s assume that your new hires have taken the online orientation course. You can create a Maze game or Find your Way game to include assessments on orientation. This helps assess the trainees’ understanding – where the cafeteria is, or finding a fire exit in case of accident.

How to Gamify Assessments?

You can also test the new hires’ knowledge on ‘who’s who’ in your company by Gamified assessments. You just need to change the MCQ to drag and drop matching with relevant pictures. Here, you can ask questions such as ‘Who is our CEO?’ or ‘Designation/role of a particular person in our organization?’ and more.

How to Gamify Assessments?

You can assess new hires on company’s values, mission, and policies in various game settings. Soccer, Cricket, Ball game, Pole-Vault, Trivia Time, Bricks and bouquets etc. The logic in these games is simple. A correct answer gives score/goal/points/coins etc and incorrect answers fetch feedback.

How to Gamify Assessments?

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