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The Role of Learning Analytics in eLearning Assessments [Infographic]

Learning analytics helps improve organizational performance. How? It helps your employees perform better in their jobs by reporting learner-data – that can be used to improve existing training programs and create new programs. With learning analytics, you also get answers to questions such as what the return on investment (ROI) from a training program is and to what extent training can improve a specific business outcome.

Download this comprehensive guide on leveraging learning analytics to maximize training effectiveness.

You can get answers with 4 levels of learning analytics:

1. Descriptive Analysis: What happened?

Collates data from multiple sources about what happened.

2. Diagnostic Analysis: Why did it happen?

Identifies patterns and offers insights into a problem/opportunity.

3. Predictive Analysis: What will happen?

Identifies probable difficulties and opportunities to provide targeted learning support.

4. Prescriptive Analysis: How can we make it happen?

Helps plan for interventions to improve the efficiency of training.

You can also implement learning analytics with microlearning. Microlearning is bite-sized nuggets of knowledge delivered in different formats such as infographics, podcasts, videos, and quizzes. Learning activities with microlearning assets can be tracked easily with learning analytics. A learning management system with visual dashboards is all you need to do this.

However, did you know we can also use learning analytics with eLearning assessments? Assessments – both formative and summative – play an important part in eLearning. Performance-based assessments help you determine if learners have met the set learning objectives. And learning analytics offers much valuable data here, right from identifying areas of improvement to designing adaptive assessments. To learn more about the role of learning analytics in eLearning assessments, read this blog. We also have a short presentation of it in the form of an infographic. Take a look!

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The Role of Learning Analytics in eLearning Assessments [Infographic]

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